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[BTS Module] Great Ones 2016-10-05

Great Ones Mod; A Lovecraftian Civilization
Modular Civilization
Version 0.5
by Crezth

Details: Once about two years back I discovered someone had made a mod for Vanilla civ: Lovecraftian Civilization with Nyarlathotep as the leader! By itself simply another mod, but with the release of BTS I felt inspired to, in effect, recreate the civ in Module form. Naturally a lot of the things are different (I have since lost said mod), but the basic idea is the same: a civilization modeled after Lovecraftian mythology.

Great Elder Empire - Itself complete with two dozen city names taken from various spots in Lovecraftian mythology. From Kadath to Dunwich, familiar city names ahoy.
Cthulhu Leader - Nyarlathotep as a leader was an interesting idea, but Cthulhu has one thing old Nya lacks - name recognition. Cthulhu is Protective/Aggressive.
Shoggoth UU - A unique unit which replaces the knight, the Shoggoth has a strategy all its own.
Asylum UB - Replaces the Library, offering happiness, science and culture. Liable to change in future editions.
Partially Finished Civilopedia - A lot of empty (or broken) Civilopedia entries for this Great Ones Mod.

More leaders - Such as Nyarlathotep, Yog-sothoth, etc. For future editions; Cthulhu is fine for now.
More UU - There are so many UUs which have the potential to be added.
Finished Civilopedia - Assuming I get around to it.

Current Version is - 0.5

Instructions: Unzip the Great Ones.Zip, and put the Great Ones folder (the one with the assets) into your Civilization 4/Beyond the Sword/Mods folder, and run it normally after launching Beyond the Sword. Or you can extract the Module and put it in another Mod.

Changes for v.0.5

Added Great Ones
Added Cthulhu
Added Shoggoth UU
Added Asylum UB
Added diplomacy text for Cthulhu
Civilopedia started

Discuss file here:

Credits: To Kael, for I took the Tar Demon to make the Shoggoth. To the original creator of the mod, Tactician Zhou. To H.P. Lovecraft and the Lovecraftians for creating the Lovecraftian Mythology.
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