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BTS - Mythic Africa 15000BC 2016-10-05

Scenario for BTS Gods of Old set in a mythical Africa on 15000 BC. Very fun to play

Background: vaguely inspired by some Conan original novels. Imagine if the first civs had appeared in the craddle of humanity then had been wiped out during a great cataclysm, to rise again as primitives with different names over 4000BC. Typical Gods of Old stuff!
9 Civs : Kush, Zamora, Ibangui, Maryandra, Meroe, Kwazem, Zamboola, Masrids, Stygia. I mixed African+Middle eastern Civs & Leaders so it looks... all african with a taste of fantasy :)
All Civs start with one lvl1 city (already on map), one Unit specific to the Civ.
300 turns, no modern stuff. After 300 turns, the Gods of Old are at war, wiping out all Civs, athe winner has the right to rise again in 4000BC.
Huge and superb map of Africa (not from me, can't remember who did it) with many "barbarian" Lions and Panthers, this is Africa ;)
Unzip directly into you Gods of Old/PublicMaps folder.
2 versions: english and french, delete the one you won't use.
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