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[BTS] UN Forces ModComp 2016-10-05

[BTS] UN Forces ModComp

  1. surdanis
    Link to thread.

    The way it works is this: There is no need to actually have The United Nations Wonder. Instead, you must build the UN Mission, of which you can only have one, where your Palace is. When you build it, are able to produce the units below. Every vehicle has a special role, and some can carry UN Peacekeepers. The UN Diplomat acts as a mini-Great Spy, giving you a small amount of EP when used. Since they can only defend, they are cheap units, and should be used to augment your offensive forces--cover up resources or act as roadblocks. You must, however, declare war to have those effects. But you can pre-position your UN Forces since you can enter any civ's lands.

    The Units:
    UN Peacekeeper
    UN APC
    UN Fighting Vehicle
    UN Mobility Vehicle
    UN Transport Airplane
    UN Transport Helicopter
    UN Diplomat

    Special Thanks:
    GarretSidzaka for the UN Peacekeeper skin
    Snafusmith for the UN Peacekeeper gun prop, Humvee model
    asiaoasioasio for the Stryker AFC model
    Nautil for the Mil MI 26 model


    1. civ4screenshot0002_kcn.jpg