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CAR Mod v0.3 2016-10-05

CAR Mod v0.3

  1. stmartin
    Civ4 gets slower? Why not drive the CAR?

    Welcome to CAR Mod.
    This Mod increases BTS's speed by about 15%.

    Our main Mod---The History of Three Kingdoms, which is a Mod that reworked everything and added the complex Legion System, became a bit slow.
    So we spent countless hour improving its speed.
    The result is unbelievable, so we decided to apply our changes to BTS, to share with everyone.

    CAR Mod keeps game rules intact, keeps AI ability intact, in fact, keeps everything intact.
    You may wonder how we did it. In a word, we exchange high CPU time with low memory usage.
    Technically, we cached those values that AI keeps recalculating, and invalidate that cache value whenever it's supposed to have changed.

    The magic number---15% speed increase, is the test result of following experiment:
    we run BTS's AD1000 scenario with China, emperor for 90 turns, 5 times using CAR, 5 times using nothing.
    The detailed experiment result is in the download package.

    This mod is available to all players and modders.
    For modders who wants to use CAR in their Mod, we don't need any personal credit, just a request:
    go play HoTK, and if you happen to love it, put its link in you Mod's readme.

    Source Code included in package.

    Credits: xienwolf, EmperorFool, davidallen for providing technical support; jdog5000 for AI Autoplay, which we use for testing.​