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Civ 4 wingman controller mapping v1.0 2016-10-05

Civ 4 wingman controller mapping v1.0

  1. Mafutnyoas

    Always wanted to be able to play Civ with a controller so I made a wingman profile to do just that. Obviously, it's not perfect, but it works great for if you are sick of sitting at the computer.

    Included is a zip file with the civ 4 profile and a text file with the key mappings so you can print it off for reference.

    To install, unzip the contents into a folder somewhere on your computer, then simply open up Logitech Profiler and go to Profile->Import and select the file "Civilization 4 Beyond the Sword.wgp". All that needs to be done now is to change the path to the game. The default path is set to where it is on my computer.

    To change the path, make sure the profile is the current profile listed and go to Edit->Properties and simply browse for the executable. I have the Beyond the Sword exe file selected. Choose the appropriate exe file for your Civ installation, so if you have Warlords installed, back up one directory and choose the warlords folder, then choose the Warlords executable. All the key assignments will work in all three installations.

    I'll probably be submitting a revised profile shortly as I just made, tested and submitted this one in the same night. Hope this is of use to a few of you Civ'ers ... feel free to change it and experiment!