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CIV 6 DATABASE SEARCH (vanilla, R&F and GS) + DLC´s v2.4

Search in values of properties existent in civ 6 configuration database

  1. Portugal Pack Info

    Added Portugal Pack info as well of info missing.
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  2. CIV 6 DATABASE SEARCH (vanilla, R&F and GS) + DLC´s V2.3

    Updated with Babylon Pack Info.
  3. CIV 6 DATABASE SEARCH (vanilla, R&F, GS and NFP Dlc´s)

    - GS texts were missing, corrected.
    - Implemented a mechanism of Cache to make it even faster.
  4. CIV 6 DATABASE SEARCH (vanilla, R&F and GS) v2.1

    - Added scenarios data and text, including new Pirates one.
    - Updated data and text from the October update.
    - Added GS and R&F tags to head properties and can be searched using the filter results with exp1 and exp2

  5. CIV 6 DATABASE SEARCH (vanilla, R&F and GS) v2.0

    Major dev
    - Changed the Layout, for better usability I hope.
    - Changed source of data from SQL to XML, no more "trash" fields of SQL, updates can be added faster and having all texts available.
    - Last Queries Saved automatically, as some requested.
    - Added latest updated NFP Civs Data.

    - Still missing scenarios data and to recover the version of the data (R&F, and GS)


    Enjoy :)
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  6. CIV 6 DATABASE SEARCH (vanilla, R&F and GS)

    - Added GS data and some missing text data.
    - Also, search result props are differentiated coming from R&F and GS:

  7. CIV 6 DATABASE SEARCH (vanilla and R&F) v.1.6

    Removed custom mods from the database snapshot.
  8. CIV 6 DATABASE SEARCH (vanilla and R&F) v.1.5

    New improved version, faster, with filters and more text from database.
    Enjoy :)
  9. CIV 6 DATABASE SEARCH (for modders) v.1.4 (+ R&F)

    With rise and fall new props.
  10. CIV 6 DATABASE SEARCH (for modders) V1.3

    Adding the language support for seaching texts ("LOC_(...)").

    In addition to that, bellow the page showing text, I show civilopedia text associated with the item choosed.

    Enjoy :)