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Civ 6 Improvements Patch 12

Makes general improvements to Civ 6

  1. Xaviarlol
    Hi all

    After much feedback and personal experience I have created a mod that aims to improve the current state of the game.

    Focus areas
    - Resolving the slow and tedius production gap (pre industrial complex district) and uninspiring early game.
    - Addressing tech research going insanely fast in mid-late game.
    - Creating more meaningful choices though more meaningful policies (partially implemented).
    - Addressing housing constraints that exacerbate the district production issues.
    - Improving natural wonders.
    - Resolving under-powered sea-tiles / coastal cities.


    Spoiler Changelog :

    Version 12
    General - Traderoute duration doubled.
    General - War Weariness from losing amenities reduced slightly.
    General - Doubled Unit upgrade costs so that it is less ridiculous.
    Buildings - New buildings added.
    Policies - readded builder charges bonus to Colonization
    Version 11
    - More buildings added to Districts (Still more to come)
    - Small bugfixes with some policies

    Version 9
    - 10 new City-centre buildings. Dozens of new buildings for Districts coming soon. This should allow districts and cities to be far more specialized and feel less spammy.
    - Slowed Research times further (mostly in Modern and above). This is mostly to offset science gained in new policies and buildings.
    - District pop requirements slightly increased, from 3 to 4 (that is, more pop required to build more districts in a city).

    Version 8
    - Loads of new policy updates.
    - Small fixes

    Version 7
    - Oligarchy changed to only modify food and science, rather than all yields.
    - Medina Quarter food reduced to +4 from +5.
    - District production modifier cost slightly increased (still lower than Vanilla). This is to compensate for the new ability for all civs to use builders to add production to districts.

    Version 6
    Districts - Harbor now gains +3 gold if adjacent to the city (yay coastal cities!) (Thanks to Chocolate PI for the idea and code.
    Districts - Holy site faith adjacency increased to +3 faith near Natural Wonders
    Districts - Theatre District culture adjacency increased to +2 culture near Wonder.
    Governments - Oligarchy government overhauled. Now increases all yields in the capital by 30% but reduces yields in all other cities by 10%. This is the government to get if you want to go tall.

    Version 5
    - Builders can now add +20% production instantly towards building a district for a builder charge. Aztec bonus increased to +50% production to compensate.

    Version 4
    - Changes to sea tiles. Harbor and Royal Dockyard now add +1 production to ocean and coastal tiles.
    - Fish and Crab resources now give an additional +1 production.
    - Public Works policy now gives +1f to ocean tiles, as well as coastal.
    - Slightly increased Road movement bonuses.

    Version 3
    Policies - Overhauled all policies up to end of industrial era

    Version 2
    Policies - Overhauled all policies up to medieval era

    Version 1
    Tech / Era speeds - Reduced Tech and Civic boosts (Eureka, inspirations) to now increase tech by 30%, was 50%.
    Tech / Era speeds - Increased tech and civic costs based on era. Approx. 1.3x in midgame to 2x in late eras
    Policies - Changed many early policies to be more interesting and more useful. The choice should now be a lot more meaningful. (More changes to come in later updates)
    Policies - Lowered all of the policies that add +100% and +50% production modifiers on Military unit production. These are now +30%. This should make it more important to invest in a large army, rather than rapidly build one when you need them.
    Natural Wonders - Increased tile yields slightly for all Natural Wonders
    Housing - Starting city housing in non-fertile land increased by +1
    Housing - Housing from coast increased by +1
    Housing - Granary increases housing by +3, was +2
    Housing - Entertainment District now also increases housing by +1.
    Governments - Changed Oligarchy government to now have 2 Diplomatic policy slots. This should make it a more meaningful choice for City State play.
    Districts - Reduced production costs of all districts by approx. 25%.


    View attachment 456915

    Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/81wxfmlctuf25zc/AAAJb9GXJHIQsh-bPyPuF8CQa?dl=0

    Install instructions:
    Unzip it to "..\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods"

    Open the game. Go in "Additional Content" and activate it by checking the box near "Activate Mod" then click "Back" and launch a game.

    This mod should be compatible with most other mods, and is fully compatible with AI mods.

    - Texts/tooltips revert to Vanilla when a game is reloaded in the same application session. Mod remains fully functional but texts are gone. To fix, close and reopen Civ 6.

Recent Updates

  1. Version 12

Recent Reviews

  1. Riskke
    Version: 12
    Although there are some powerful policies like Colonization that should be separated, this mod is a must for really enjoying and paying attention to them every few turns
  2. FlavioNW
    Version: 12
  3. PupiWizard
    Version: 6
    I really like your mod, please fix the UI issue though it keeps reverting to the vanilla policies. Also it would be great to add more options for the policies instead of fusing them together, for example the colonization policy. Having to choose from different policies makes the game fun instead of just having one big powerful one.
  4. Cosmic Fox
    Cosmic Fox
    Version: 6
    I like the mod but it seems to mess with UI a lot for some reason. Selecting next production used to close after I select an item to build, now it doesn't. Odd things like this happen but overall it does seem to improve the game. I love the city readout of growth nice. :)
  5. Nigilus Angelus
    Nigilus Angelus
    Version: 1.0
    Just what this game needs at the moment. Thank you and keep up the good work. Any chance of modifying the map so it keeps its colour after being discovered? :-)
  6. Shiroifushicho
    Version: 1.0
    Man you perfectly got it. I am a huge civ fan (and a skyrim mod creator) and your improvments are very relevant so far. Keep on this good work ! I especially love the way your tweaks stay shy to preserve the game balance, keep it that way always ! cheers & thank you !