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Civ V Reference Charts 2016-10-05

Hello to all. I was getting frustrated at the outdated manual, and not having reference charts handy. I did like the work done at civilopedia5.com, but it was outdated as well, so I made some!

This PDF has sections on Buildings, Units, Technologies, Wonders, Social Policies, Promotions, Civilizations, Terrain, Resources, and Improvements.

All DLC included.

Post comments and errors please, and enjoy!

2.1 25 September
Reduced image sizes to save pages, now only 63 pages!
Removed terrain icons for clarity
Unique units and buildings now placed under the item they replace, not alphabetical
Changed to portrait to save space
Streamlined units table – removed upgrade icon
Added even/odd margins to allow printing and binding
Cleaned up upgrade chart
Replace tech tree – the screenshots looked bad
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