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Civ4 Reference Charts 2016-10-05

Civ4 Reference Charts

  1. Michelangelo
    !!UPDATED 8-7-2008!!
    This file contains the XLS-version reference charts for all versions of Civ4
    Civ4 v1.74 / Warlords v2.13 / BTS v3.17

    These reference sheets aim to provide you with easy accessible info of all aspects of the game of Civilization. This info is formatted such that is allows for easy printing and reference.


    - All info on units, buildings, wonders, technologies
    - Dynamic costs based on game modifiers, selected on title page
    - Full graphical technology chart with added required tech links
    - Dynamic upgrade costs-table + promotion charts
    - Keyboard shortcuts
    - Compatible with Civ4 1.74, Warlord 2.13 and BTS 3.17
    - Optimized for printing + added functionality for online use
    - It's in XLS-format

    Special thanks goes to:
    Kroym, for first creating these reference sheets
    Jensen for his great help on the warlords additions

    Forum thread

    It's also available in PDF format:
    Reference Charts v1.74+W2.13+BTS3.17(PDF)


    10-11-06: Version v1.61+W replaced after 1781 downloads)
    24-02-08: Version v1.61+W2.08 replaced after 10830 downloads)
    04-03-08: Version v1.74+W2.13+BTS3.13 updated after 11092 downloads)
    08-07-08: Version v1.74+W2.13+BTS3.17 updated after 13239 downloads)


    1. refchart_1_sfh.jpg
    2. refchart_2_u3B.jpg
    3. refchart_3_lnc.jpg