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Civilization 6: Rise of Datlof v1.6.3

Datlof, led by Lewis Brindley in Civ 5 Live, rises again in this glorious mod.

  1. Civilization 6: Rise of Datlof v1.5.0

    New Content:
    *Modified "Datlof's Last Stand" (now grants -2gpt unit maintenance)
    *Modified "Land Hungry" (now grants science for combat victories)
    *Added "XCOM Squad" as a unique unit
    *Added temporary music
    *Flavoured buildings/units (via ArtDefs)

    Bug Fixes:
    *Gin Slingers now upgrade into crossbowmen
    *Cleopatra bug fixed (or so I think, please comment if you see it again)

    *Switched to semantic versioning (to convert a previous version to the new format, follow this: x.y ---> 1.x.y)
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