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Civilopedia on Main Menu 1.0.0

This adds a link to the Civilopedia to the Main Menu. No more waiting on Sean Bean!

  1. Remgrandt
    Currently only for en_US locale. If someone wants to test another locale, let me know and I can try to provide you with the files.

    A note on why this can't be a modular modification. As things are right now, script files contained in mod packages will not be loaded until a game is started (as in a getting past the Sean Bean loading screen). This means any scripts that execute on the Main Menu won't run until you first start a game and then exit, and that defeats the point of this mod.

    Just unzip into the game install directory.


    This modifies three of the original game files:
    • Assets\UI\FrontEnd\MainMenu.lua
    • Assets\UI\FrontEnd\MainMenu.xml
    • Assets\Text\en_US\FrontEndText.xml