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CoMM3 Complete Interface Graphics 2016-10-05

CoMM3 Complete Interface Graphics

  1. tom2050
    ** NOTE: 2-01-11: Reuploaded main file with added WonderBoxes PCX graphics. You can also get the wondersBOX.rar file here.

    ** NOTE: 2-01-11: Reuploaded with added GlobalWarming and ALT PCX files. Or get the GlobalWarming.rar addition here.

    ** NOTE: 1-18-11: Reuploaded with a fixed file popupborders.pcx.

    Complete Interface Graphics (based off the interface created for Conquests of Might and Magic 3)

    View the interface thread here.

    All CoMM3 specific images and text have been removed. Appropriate files included to help quickly add your own images.

    Files include:
    screens for Advisors, city screens, Civilopedia, credits, diplomacy and MP, espionage, interface, player setup, replay, scenario mgmt, wonder, world setup, histograph, and otehr misc. (75 total files)

    NOTE: For Civilopedia Optional Image 'cover-up' files where you can place images, the files have been included with black boxes placed on the Magenta background (they will work in game). These are the exact locations where the image of your choice should be placed to fit best on the civilopedia screen. If you don't wish to have any images, you can remove these files (but they look fine in game as is):

    If you alter these with image of your choice, you will need to modify the image palette.

    Also, 2 PSD (Photoshop) files (with layers) are included:
    Art/interface/x_pref background.psd
    * These layered images are available so you can insert an image of your choice properly into them (and index them to a PCX file). I do not have PSP, so I could not provide the appropriate layered file for PSP. Sorry!

    Arrows are not included on the tech screens; if requested they can be added to fit the regular C3C un-modded tech screens.

    Good for not only fantasy, but many types of themes. Is an elegant, but stylish format. A portion was based off LotM interface.

    Screenshots (images have been scaled down in size):
    Spoiler :


    1. comm3interface1_pfU.jpg
    2. comm3interface2_8gk.jpg
    3. comm3interface3_0xD.jpg
    4. comm3interface4_Vav.jpg
    5. comm3interface5_a32.jpg
    6. comm3interface6_b1N.jpg