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Completely New Interface 2016-10-05

Completely New Interface

  1. georgestow
    Okay, before when I've made my interface sets, they're really only been the advisors and a few other bits. But this is an (almost) entire replacement of the original Firaxis interface. There are a few bits that I'm sure we've missed here and there, but whatever, maybe we'll get round to that later, maybe not.
    It was made by me, georgestow and my brother, HenryStow.
    I did most of the big bits (advisor screens, etc.), he did most of the small bits (left and right boxes, etc.). Teamwork WIN! ;)
    A few bits were taken from CCM, so I thank Civinator for those parts. I think it was just the pictures on the world setup and the advisor-switching buttons.
    This is the same interface as used in my mod, the Mod of Modness (see signature), although a few small things have been changed.
    Either way, I think it's better than the original Firaxis and pretty damn sexy either way.
    Have fun!

    Interface updated slightly after 4 downloads.


    1. img_201_T6Y.jpg