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Cougar AVGP 2016-10-05

The Cougar AVGP (Armoured Vehicle General Purpose) is a fast unit originally designed and produced by Canada.

I'm fairly pleased with how this unit turned out (if i found a good pic before modeling it would be better ). It took me a bit less than a week in total to make this unit (a big pause for exams in the middle though). Also, Thanks to TheMorpheus for his tutorial and help in that thread (and all the others who helped ).

The download includes 5 .flcs - Attack, Death, Default, Fidget, and Run. It also includes large and small pics for the civilopedia, and a units_32 image. The Cougar also has sounds included from the original game, however these are not included in the download (for a small size and possible copyright infringement), rather, they are referenced to in the .INI file. Finally, the readme includes all the code (pediaicons and civilopedia) needed.
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