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Crusader Cruiser tank 2016-10-05

Crusader Cruiser tank

  1. rhodie
    The Crusader Cruiser tank was a three, four or five-man British medium tank rushed into service in 1939. Too lightly armoured and armed, this tank was plagued with mechanical failures that resulted in many being captured through breakdowns.
    By El Alamein the Crusader Mk III with a 6pounder gun had arrived but the tank was outdated by the end of the Desert Campaign, though some did go to Italy.

    Unlike all other Civ armour, this tank has animated crew but was not included in my C3C scenario 'Defeat into Victory 2'.

    Included are installation instructions, complete Civilopedia.txt, Pedia Icons.txt, pedia images and sound files.
    1.16MB RAR

    Click the thumbnail icon below to view complete animation.


    1. crusader_cruiserlarge_k74.jpg
    2. crusader_cruiser_animation_GR8.gif