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D-Day 1944 with TECH TRADING 2016-10-05

D-Day 1944 a WW2 CivIV Warlords Europe Scenario designed by JungleIII

TECH TRADING ENABLED version of regular D-Day scenario
This version is for those requesting this game with Tech Trading enabled. Please note - this feature may unbalance game play as A.I. trades techs well in advance of era.

The battle of Normandy was fought in 1944 between Nazi Germany in Western Europe and the invading Allied forces as part of operation codenamed Overlord, still to this day, the largest seaborne invasion in history involving almost 3 million troops who crossed the English Channel from England. In this scenario, Germany is waiting for the inevitable invasion by the Allies, and has reserves sitting not far from the fronts. IF Germany had not thought the invasion at Normandy was a ruse and responded in a timely manner with adequate forces, the invasion may have been knocked back. Several breakdowns in German leadership occurred together with delays in responding to the invasion, and additionally over 2/3 of the German Army was still engaged in the Eastern Front with the Soviets.

What would you do differently? This scenario attempts to imitate the conditions on the ground the day of the invasion. You will find Germany surrounded from the East by the Russians, to the south in Italy – the Americans, British and Free French are advancing north of Rome. And, in France, the American paratroopers have landed and the beaches have been nearly secured along the wall of barriers and bunkers. Which side will you take control of? Can you ensure a different outcome to this battle?

Nations Playable in this Scenario:

Nation --- Leader

Germany - Adolph Hitler
England - Winston Churchill
U.S.A. - Franklin Roosevelt
Soviets - Joseph Stalin
Free French - Charles de Gaulle
Neutrals - Joseph Avenol
Spain - Francisco Franco

This is a WEST EUROPEAN Scenario; playing with historically similar nations to the day, with slight adjustments to balance play. It is played in CIV4 Warlords because of the incredible complexity and interesting variations to game play with in so many ways mimic the world at the time. Vassals may become an important part of game play as you proceed through your campaigns, just as alliances were formed in WWII. This game is NOT designed to be played peacefully, but is designed to test your war skills – and you will need them to win. If you think you can sit back and watch the action, you will probably not win. But, hey – let me know if that strategy works!

This scenario is played on asioasioasio and Kodzi’s 1939WW2 mod available under separate download from 15 February 2007. My many thanks to them and the rest of the mod team for enabling this rich and different experience. This mod brings a completely new Tech Tree with 90 new technologies based on Modern knowledge. The civics are completely redone with a war time advantage available, which really helps in those serious campaigns. Of course, the units are vast and will continue to increase as the team keeps adding unique and revised versions of many contributors. To get you in the ‘mood’, you’ll find the all new movies, wonders, and music a real bonus with depth and professionalism. What about Religion? It has been replaced with Axis, Allies and Communism and your friends are clear from the start.

In beta testing, the most winnable leaders to play for domination/diplomatic win are:
USA, Germany and England and must be played aggressively.

It is best to have at least 1 G.B. of memory to play this game, but you will find the wait to load worth the while – The scenario is small but the mod is almost as big as the original Warlords game!

Release: 3 April 2007 Beta Version DDay_10.7TT will be fine tuned for next 45 days while in Beta. Your comments and suggestions are welcome!

When extracted, this file will look for "1939 WW2" mod. Make sure you have installed the 1939_ww2 mod in the mod directory previously (download separately). Simply double clicking on this file when extracted will start the game and load the mod. OR - Start Warlords, go to Mods, load 1939 WW2, and after clicking single player "select scenario" and choose "DDay 10.7TT" .

History Revision 9 – 15 February 2007; Added starting religions after mod was changed
Revision 10.0 – 16 February 2007; Germany starts with Blitzkrieg after mod enabled. Remove Russian T34 tank until 1st strike imbalance fixed, Free French renamed, some minor balancing/fixes.
Revision 10.2 – 17 February 2007; Brought back Russian T34 after fix just prior to release of mod; more balancing-it will be more challenging for Germans…
Revision 10.3 – 18 February 2007; Challenging adjustments to play as Germany per forum suggestions. Reduced German Navy ½ and Luftwaffe by 30%; increased landing and reserve power for Allies
Revision 10.4 - 19 February 2007; Turns starts June ’44. Increase tech research speed for Germany, US, Spain, Russia and England, and lower costs.
Revision 10.5 – 23 February 2007; Turns progress weekly from June 1944; Pre-built 10 of the wonders, slight city adjustments to production; and more pesky partisans.
REVISION 10.7p 21 March 2007; Works with new Patch installed – save old revision in case patch problems are encountered! Suggested loading from desktop by saving file to desktop and then double clicking – AFTER you have loaded the mod patch which is 1.15b and located at: http://forums.civfanatics.com/downlo...o=file&id=4164).
Revision 10.7TT 3 April 2007; TECH TRADING enabled version of regular D-Day Scenario for those wishing this as part of game
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