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Detailed ToT mod 2016-10-05

Detailed ToT mod


All ages can be played like a normal civ2 game.

Civ2 - Test of Time is required

Author Name:
Thomas C. Oest aka. HotCiv

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File Size:
1.6Mb zipped

Converts ToT units into Classics units, but adding many new units with new sounds. Some units can only be built by a specific civilization. The mod contains more features, like no aliens.

The mod converts the terrain graphics of the Earth, adding new units with new sound. The graphics of Earth now look more like the terrain in the Classic game, but the graphics of Centaurus is not changed. Many extra units are added, some units can't be built by all civs; like the "assault gun" wich can only be built by civs with the blue color, like the Germans.

There are no Aliens in this mod, so there can be 7 civs on the Earth (the menu text still says "aliens included", nevermind that). Especially the units of the 20th century now has more steps in their evolution, like the old diesel submarine and the modern nuclear powered one.

So this mod is also usefull if one want to create ww2 scenarios. If u dont like the graphics of the Earth, you can always exchange the terrain files with some wich contains the classic Earth graphics, but remember to keep the units.bmp file (the graphis mods often come with the units.bmp file too, like "Classic Civ2 Graphics for Test of Time v1.0b "). I may update this mod, but I think it's pretty final. Have fun playing it. (Most graphics are not my own creation, but some are. Thanks to the original authors.)

Just unzip the files into the subdirectory of the same name. Remember to make backups of the overwritten files.

Version history:
1.01 : Small errors corrected.
1.10 : Railway canon added instead of refugees(was not working anyway), found better names and graphics to some units. No goodie huts at Centaurus map.
1.20 : Some units values and graphics edited. Terrain graphics made better. My own maps included (181x181).

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