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Diversica is a module for Civilization IV Beyond the Sword which adds additional graphics and some minor gameplay changes (new units, techs and resources).

It includes both Ethnically Diverse Units and Cultural Citystyles. You can consider it an alternative to Varietas Delectat.

Diversica uses the RevolutionDCM mod to ease having separate installable sub-modules on top of the core mod. All optional sub-modules are included in the download and can be selected upon installation.

Why Diversica
Spoiler :

When I found Danrell's units I wanted to include them in my game, as there was no module which did so, I created my own.

As I assume other people also are interested in adding his units easily, I added it here. The module has since progressed beyond including Danrell's units, the focus remains on civilization-specific units however.

I decided to call the mod Diversica (instead of Diversity) as the word 'diversity' is used frequently, so whoever is searching for it will find all kinds of unrelated links. Calling it Diversica should solve this.

Why base it on RevolutionDCM / WoC
Spoiler :

The initial focus of Diversica was to add civ-specifc unit graphics and to allow the player to plug and unplug the changes based on his own preferences. To that end Diversica included information on how to unplug the different parts. As Diversica grew, technical restrictions of the regular xml format prevented the unplugging of certain parts.

To overcome this problem and allow for a fully pluggable mod again, I converted Diversica to the WoC xml format and use an installer which allows the selection of sub-modules.

Diversica is as a stand-alone module which contains RevolutionDCM which in turn includes the WoC Lite features.

The present
Spoiler :

America use Zerver's units.

Babylon, China, England, France, Germany, Japan and Netherlands use Danrell's units.

Arabia, Aztec, Austria (replacement for HRE), Byzantium, Carthage, Celt, Egypt, Ethiopia, Greece, Inca, India, Khmer, Korea, Mali, Maya, Mongol, Ottoman, Persia, Portugal, Rome, Russia, Spain, Sumeria and Viking use Bakuel's units.

Sioux (replacement for Native America) uses Bernie14's Sioux units.

Zulu uses Polycrates' units.

Berber is based on Cybrxkhan's Berbers, uses Bakuel's units.
Chola is based on CIV Gold's Chola, uses Bakuel's (south-indian) units
Hun is based on CIV Gold's Hunnia, uses Bakuel's units.
Hungary is based on Kabcsi's Magyar civ, uses Bakuel's units.
Iroquois is based on Bmarnz&Amra's Iroquois, uses Bernie14's units.
Israel is based on Esnza's PnP Israel 3.0, uses Bakuel's units.
Khazar is based on Cybrxkhan's Khazars, uses Bakuel's units.
Nubia is based on CIV Gold's Nubia, uses Bakuel's units.
Poland is based on Kodzi Team's PnP Poland 1.2, uses Danrell's units.
Polynesia is based on CIV Gold's Polynesia, uses Bakuel's units.
Romania is based on Aranor's Romania, uses Zerver's units.
Safavids, using Danrell's persian units
Seljuk is based on Cybrxkhan's Seljuks, uses Danrell's ottoman units.
Siam is based on CIV Gold's Thailand, uses Zerver's units.
Switzerland is based on Robo Magic's Switzerland, uses Zerver's units.
Vietnam is based on CIV Gold's Vietnam, uses Bakuel's units.

EDU 3.14, Cultural Citystyles 0.99, Varietas Delectat 9.20 and Cultural Diversity 1.10 have been incorprated.

Additional units from Airforces 0.3, MaxRigaMod BTS 2, Modern Warfare 1.20 and Total Realism 2.42 have been added for more diverse aircrafts and tanks.


Thanks go to the creators of the units found at, including Asioasioasio, Bakuel, Bernie14, Chugginator, Danrell, Dutchking, GeneralMatt, Polycrates, Sepamu92, Snafusmith, TheCapo, TheCoyote and Zerver (and everyone else I forgot) and to NeverMind for the XXL Worlds xml and python code.

Version history

Spoiler :

For more details, see the history.txt file included with the module.

Version 1.95 :
  • added GeneralMatts's pre-dreadnoughts
  • added Snafusmith's Mig-21 and Tornado jetfighters
  • added Snafusmith's Leo 1, Leo 2, T-72 and Challenger tanks
  • added Snafusmith's Mil Mi-8 gunship
  • added Snafusmith's M-109 mobile artillery and SA-8 mobile SAM
  • added Snafusmith's Tupolev SB bombers
  • added Bakuel's ancient, medieval and renaissance India units
  • added Chola civ with Bakuel's south India units
  • added Timurid civ with Bakuel's Timrud units

Version 1.90 :
  • added Snafusmith's B-25 bombers, Hurricane fighters and Eurofighter jets
  • added Bakuel's ancient, medieval and renaissance Arabia units
  • added Bakuel's ancient, medieval and renaissance Ottoman units
  • added Bakuel's renaissance Persia units
  • added Bakuel's ancient Poland units
  • added Bakuel's ancient, medieval and renaissance Russia units
  • added Khazar civ with Bakuel's Khazar units
  • added Seljuk civ with Danrell's Ottoman units
  • updated to RevolutionDCM 2.90

Version 1.81 :
  • updated to Cultural Citystyles 0.99
  • updated to RevolutionDCM 2.72

Version 1.80 :
  • added Snafusmith's tanks (for each standard civ)
  • added Snafusmith's latest modern units (T-55, BRDM-2, Mi-24, 2S1) with skins for various civs
  • added Asioasioasio's F-16 with skins for several civs
  • added Mechaerik's arabian units
  • added TheCapo's renaissance and modern units (Israel, Khmer, Mongol, Native America, Persia, Portugal, Vietnam)
  • added Bakuel's ancient and medieval Portugal units
  • added Bakuel's ancient and medieval Spain units
  • added Bakuel's renaissance Vietnam units
  • added Berber civ with Bakuel's Berber units
  • updated to Cultural Citystyles 0.98
  • updated to RevolutionDCM 2.71

Version 1.70 :
  • added CoffeeJunkies's modern units (England, India, Middle East, Ottoman)
  • added TheCapo's industrial units (America, India, Khmer, Korea, Netherlands, Ottoman, Portugal, Viking)
  • added Hun civ with Bakuel's hunnic units
  • updated to Cultural Citystyles 0.90
  • incorporated RevolutionDCM 2.61

Version 1.60 :
  • added Bakuel's Byzantium units
  • added Bakuel's Carthage units
  • added TheCapo's Korea industrial units
  • added TheCapo's America industrial units
  • added Zuul's promotions
  • added Vietnam civ with Bakuel's vietnamese units
  • updated to Cultural Citystyles 0.50 (from Ethnic Citystyles 1.04)

Version 1.50 :
  • added Bakuel's industrial Aztec units
  • added Bakuel's Celt units
  • added Bakuel's Greece units
  • added Bakuel's Holy Roman units
  • added Bakuel's Hungary units
  • added Bakuel's Israel units
  • added Bakuel's Persia units
  • added Bernie14's industrial Spain units
  • added Bakuel's Viking units
  • added Nubia civ with Bakuel's nubian units
  • added Polynesia civ with Bakuel's polynesian units
  • added Safavid civ with Danrell's persian units
  • requires Beyond the Sword 3.19 due to included WoC dll

Version 1.20 :
  • added Bakuel's Korea units
  • added Bakuel's Maya units
  • added Bakuel's Sumeria units
  • added latest Zerver's modern units (England)
  • updated Hungary to Kabcsi's Magyar civ 2.0

Version 1.10 :
  • added Bakuel's Aztec units
  • added Bakuel's industrial Ethiopia units
  • added Bakuel's Mongol units
  • added latest Zerver's modern units (China, Hungary, Inca, Siam, Viking)
  • updated to Ethnic Citystyles 1.04
  • updated Hungary to Kabcsi's Magyar civ

Version 1.00 :
  • added Bakuel's Mali industrial units
  • added Bakuel's Ethiopia units
  • added latest Zerver's modern units (Babylon, Byzantium, Carthage, England, Hungary, Israel, Rome)
  • updated Varietas Delectat to 3.60
  • updated to Ethnic Citystyles 1.02 (from Ethnic Artstyles 1.09)
  • initial release for Beyond the Sword 3.17
  • initial release for World of Civilization

Version 0.95 :
  • added Siam civilization with Zerver's units
  • added Bakuel's Inca modern units
  • added latest Zerver's modern units (Greece, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Portugal)
  • added some civilization specific Light Bombers
  • added Wolfshanze's Ballistic Missile Submarine class (and the changes to the regular submarine)
  • updated Cultural Diversity to 1.10
  • updated Varietas Delectat to 3.50
  • updated Actual Quotes to 4.20

Version 0.90 :
  • added units from Chugginator's Cultural Diversity 1.00
  • added Zerver's modern units (China, Hungary, Khmer, Ottoman, Poland, Russia, Spain, Viking)
  • added Zerver's austrian units (as Holy Roman units)
  • added Wolfshanze's Light Bomber unit category
  • updated Zerver's Israel units
  • updated Zerver's Romanian units
  • updated Varietas Delectat to 3.30

Version 0.80 :
  • added Bakuel's Inca units
  • added Bakuel's Mali units
  • added some civilization specific units for Early Bombers, Early Fighters and Early JetFighters
  • added Early Carrier unit class
  • included Wolfshanze's naval categories and promotions
  • major xml rework in anticipation of World of Civilization

Version 0.70 :
  • added Iroquois civilization with Bernie14's units
  • added bonus resources from MarnzMod and GreenMod (non-strategic only)
  • added Early Bomber, Early Fighter, Early JetFighter, JetBomber and StealthFighter unit classes
  • added Early Tank and Halftrack unit classes
  • added Tracked Vehicle, Aeronautics and Jet Engine technologies
  • changed Next War for faster research and later space race
  • included Sevopedia 2.3.2
  • updated Hungary with Zerver's animated leaders
  • updated Varietas Delectat to 3.10
  • updated Total Realism to 2.2.1

Version 0.60 :
  • added Zerver's America units
  • added bernie14's Native America units
  • updated Poland to Polish Empire 1.2
  • updated Hungary with Hungary mod for Varietas Delectat 1.0 units
  • updated Varietas Delectat to 2.00

Version 0.55 :
  • added the Next War technologies and units
  • added Ironclad Warship, Pre-Dreadnought and Dreadnought ship classes
  • added Willowmound's Actual Quotes
  • added XXL World world sizes
  • added Carter's Earth map (for 18 players)

Version 0.51 :
  • added Polycrates' african units
  • added Hungary civilization with Zerver's units
  • initial release for Beyond the Sword 3.13

Version 0.50 :
  • added Polycrates' Zulu units
  • added Israel civilization with Zerver's units
  • added Romania civilization with Zerver's units
  • added Switzerland civilization with Zerver's units
  • added units from Modern Warfare 1.20
  • updated Rome to Bakuel's units
  • updated Poland to Polish Empire 1.1
  • updated Varietas Delectat (formerly keymod) to 1.70

Version 0.40 :
  • added units from Airforces 0.3
  • added units from MaxRigaMod BTS beta 1
  • added units from Total Realism 2.2
  • updated keymod to 1.40

Version 0.30 :
  • added units from keymod 1.30
  • updated Ethnical Artstyles to 1.04

Version 0.20 :
  • added Bakuel's Khmer units
  • added Bakuel's Maya units
  • added Danrell's China units
  • added Danrell's Native America units
  • incorporated Ethnical Artstyles 1.02

Version 0.15 :
  • added Bakuel's Egypt units
  • added Danrell's Japan units
  • incorporated EDU 3.14

Version 0.12 :
  • unified directory structure
  • xml bugfixes

Version 0.10 :
  • added Danrell's Arabia units
  • added Danrell's Babylon units
  • added Danrell's Byzantium units
  • added Danrell's Carthage units
  • added Danrell's England units
  • added Danrell's France units
  • added Danrell's Germany units
  • added Danrell's Greece units
  • added Danrell's Netherlands units
  • added Danrell's Ottoman units
  • added Danrell's Persia units
  • added Danrell's Portugal units
  • added Danrell's Rome units
  • added Danrell's Russia units
  • added Danrell's Spain units
  • added Poland civilization with Danrell's units

First release
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