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Dragonia II Beta 1 2016-10-05

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Dragonia II is a fantasy mod for Civilization IV. It is a sequel to the Dragonia mod for Civilization III. Dragonia II features the same fantasy world as the original, and allows players to play on an updated version of the map in the original Dragonia, or to choose a randomly generated world. Currently the Dragonia world map is not yet completed. Only a randomly generated world is available.

Dragonia II has 25 civilizations and 40 leaders to choose from. Most civilizations will have their own flavor units. In future versions Dragonia II will also feature hero units. These hero units will represent heros and leaders from that civilization's history. As such, these hero units will each be unique, and when they die in battle, they will be permanently eliminated from the game.

As in the original Dragonia, the leaders of each civilization will have alignments associated with them. In Dragonia II, however these aligments will be dynamic, and so can change over time based on choices that the player makes. The leaders alignment will also have an effect on their relationship with other leaders...and so a evilly aligned leader will not be very friendly to a good aligned leader.

Dragonia II also features an updated tech tree featuring about 115 technologies. Most of these advances will be familiar to players of the first Dragonia, but some of the old advances will be removed, and others added.

Other features in Dragonia II will include a magic system, a religious system featuring 8 faiths (Tel'Seldarine, Dark Seldarine, Solanism, Nerullicism, Morndinsamman, Eye of Gruumsh, Heironeanism, and Hextorianism), new unit promotions, and many more features to come.

Remember, this is an early beta version of the mod, and as such, not all features have been completed, and there will be bugs. Please feel free to contact the Dragonia II modding team at

Mark Kochanowski

Spoiler Modding Team and Credits :

Lead Developer:
Mark "Darque" Kochanowski

3D Artists:
Thomas "woodelf" Snyder
Shawn "winddelay" Brust

2D Artist:
Dave "hexagonian" Sobotka

Dan Winsky

Other Modders:
Jeff "strategyonly" Wilhelmi
Rick "Oaklanbash" Rockett

Other Credits:
Rabbit, White
The Lopez (Mercenary Mod)
Also thanks to the community at

(If I left anyone out, please let me know and I will make sure to add you to the credits list)
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