Earth Mod 7.0 2016-10-05

Earth Mod 7.0

  1. unartis
    This is Earth Mod 7.0 english version

    New things: new resources:
    -animal/ mounted units resources: horses,camel, llama, indian elephant
    -fossil resources: coal, oil, natural gas, etc.
    -Food resources: rye, millet, rice, maize, wheat.
    -Mining resources: gold, silver, iron, coal, copper, etc.
    -Plantation: cotton, sugar cane

    New luxuries resources:
    coffe, fox skin, pearl mussel, eucalypt, etc.

    New bonus resources:
    african, australian, all american, eurasian, asian animals, fruits and other resources in the Earth map.

    New buildings
    granaries (rye, millet, rice, maize, wheat), monastery, mosque, shintoism shrine, temple of universum, african temple, (native) totem, etc

    New Wonders:
    Stone Henge, Hansa, (viking) Saga, (russian) Kremlin, Notre Dame, (american) Statue of Liberty, (hungarian) Wonder Deer, (french) Eiffel Tower, (german) Brandenburg Gate, Road of the Incas, Great Buffalo Hunting, Moai Statues, The Statue of Ganesha, Golden Buddha, Ivory Carving, Taj Mahal, Blue Mosque, Caravan, Silk Road, etc.

    New cultural group:
    Native american, native australian(aboriginal) and pacific oceanian culture, meso american, european, middle eastern (islamic), asiatic, african culture, etc.

    File size: 216 MB
    Download files: 1,2,3,4,5 parts (50 Mb), crc


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