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Earth's Map18Civs 2016-10-05

Earth's Map18Civs

  1. D_Phoenix
    In this map:


    South Africa

    Hope you like it, comment if so or to said me recomendations to make better the map!

    Instructions to make it work:

    1. Download the file (choose SAVE it at your desktop location)
    2. When you have the file in your desktop, unzip it in a new folder in the desktop
    3. Open this in this order: MY COMPUTER, ( C: ), PROGRAM FILES (X86), 2K GAMES, FIRAXIS GAMES, SID MEIER'S CIVILIZATION 4, BEYOND THE SWORD, PUBLIC MAPS (and let the Public Maps windows folder open in a little box window)
    4. Then, open the folder with the file that you unziped first in the desktop (in a little box window too). Click once the file that is in the folder -Earth's Map - 18Civs (Civfanatics)-, and with the right click COPY it, and in the Public Maps (the other window that you have opened) PASTE it.
    5. Close both windows (the one of Public Maps, and the unzipped folder) and then delete the zipped file, and the unzipped folder from your Desktop.
    6. And that's all! Open your Beyond the Sword game as usual, and you will find this map (Earth's Map18civs) in the main menu's PERSONALIZED SCENARIO where the game original Earth18Civs is located too.

    IF you want to see all the map, and see what and where the resources are, just open it as if you will play it... choose a random civilization is just for take a look to the map... and when the game load and appear your settler and whatever the other unit is, go to the main buttom and select the one that said WORLD BUILDIER, and then, the map will fully appear and you can see it at all. Dont forget that if you want to see better the resources location, select the buttom in the interface that shows you the resources location (like when in game) and then go to World Buildier, cuz that detailed show will still on even in World Buildier. If you want to know the exactly starting position of all civs without being looking for it in the map, when load, just let pass 1 turn (so you and the IA's will make the first city), and then go to World Buildier... there will be appear all the civ's capitals in the map and you can see where they are, and how much space are between them.

    Attention: NOTICE that the dificulty level standard of this map is not the usual NOBLE, is PRINCE. Take that in consideration before you choose your dificulty level. The change is not so much, I just do that because I love to play at Marathon, and when you put all the civs in a higher dificulty level, the game time speed gets larger... so Marathon with all civs in PRINCE makes the game more large than MARATHON speed itself... If you play PRINCE with normal speed I think you will not notice so much.

    [[[[For those who, like me, love having more time between turns and each era takes a lot of turns to be played -giving you time for make units, time for wars, and time for construct the necesary buildings of each era without compromise each of it cause of one of them-, you defenitively have to choose MARATHON speed with ALL civs in GOD dificuty... that will speed DOWN the game and you will have time FOR ALL, you will have very much time in each era that will allow you not to be rush in your agenda.... So if you hate normal speed... (for things like you even made an army of axe warriors and in a few turns that army is nothing because of the new modern units in so little time between eras...) try changing the dificulty level to higher ones, TO ALL CIVS, that will have the effect of alarge the time speed even if it is already at marathon.]]]]

    SO... ENJOY IT.

    (UPDATE MAY 21:)
    -Over Economy resources at Europe fixed
    -Spain and France now are at coast
    -Mexico, Italy, Spain, and France remodelled
    -Less Silver concentration at Iran's area
    -less ''oasis'' concentration in Africa
    -China now starts with silver, to improve research and dont be delayed because of have sedate as economy resource (China have to wait to calendar technology to be able to exploit it so I add silver to Pekin to balance China with the others)
    -Atoll islands on Pacific added
    - Better form of the Caribbean (Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands changed)
    -Some rivers up from Mexico Changed
    -Andes Mountains better placed at Chile's area.

    (UPDATE SEPT 26)
    - Caribbean remodelled
    - South Africa's over resources fixed
    - Mexico moved 1 square to south


    1. o_4Wy.jpg
    2. a_AF8.jpg
    3. a_mo_9Rc.jpg
    4. europa_28M.jpg
    5. n_a_F3j.jpg
    6. s_a_Kmv.jpg