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Emperor Meiji of Japan 2016-10-05

Civilization: Japan
Bonuses: Religious and Militaristic
Title and leader: Emperor: Meiji;Mustuhito
Best/shunned government: Monarchy and Communism
Agression: 05 (most aggressive)
Cultural group: Asian
Noun: Japan
Adjective: Japanese
Colors: Dark Red, Light Red
UU: shoujuuhei (Meiji rifleman by Dom)
Civilopedia entry: RACE_Japanese

Sciencic Leaders:
Nishida Kitaro
Nish(i)tani Keiji
Akio Morita
Military Leaders:
Jimmu Tenno
Jingu Kogo
Yamato Takeru
Minamoto Yoshisune
Oda Nobunaga
Tokugawa Ieyasu
Yamamoto Isokoru

City list:

Civilopedia, Civ: defult Japanese entry
Civilopedia, Leader: Born Mutsuhito, the Meiji Emperor was the symbolic leader of the Meiji Restoration, in which the Tokugawa shogunate was abolished by Imperial forces following the Boshin War. The Charter Oath, a five-point statement of the nature of the new government abolished feudalism and proclaimed a modern democratic government for Japan. Under the Meiji government Japan went from a Feudal country to the first Asian superpower in the Industrial age. Meiji, if nothing else, showed greater political longevity than his recent predecessors, as he was the first Japanese monarch to remain on the throne past the age of 50 since the abdication of Emperor Ogimachi in 1586.
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