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Eratosthenes/Strabo Greek Map 2016-10-05

My first attempt at a map, taken from

Eratosthenes was a cyrenacian who was the second chief librarian at the Library of Alexandria, apointed around 236BC. He was the first to calculate the size of the Earth (fairly) accurately and also created a map of the known world. He was a contempory and friend of Archimedes. After Eratosthenes went blind he committed suicide by starvation. Many years later Strabo used Eratosthenes' map while compiling his Geographica in the first century AD.

The file is an ancient Greek map of the world, and therefore looks considerably different from how you would expect. I've had to change some of the terrain quite a lot, for example the euphrates and Tigris run west to east in reality, rather than north to south as in this map. I hope that people will be able to find a use for this, and would appreciate any feedback about how to improve it.

UPDATED - beta version now uploaded. Also, I should have mentioned that the previous version very an alpha version, sorry . The beta map is provided clean, with no resources.

Main changes for beta version: Terrain is more varied in Africa, most of the rivers have been rerouted and the Aral sea added, lots of changes to the Iran/Afghanistan area. Other minor changes to make the map slightly closer to reality.

UPDATED - V1 00 has resources and start locations. I have tried to add the resources in such a way as to allow for good gameplay, rather than to be historically accurate. The start locations are by no means fair and equitable. India is in an awesome position to expand, but you should only play as the US if you have a death wish. Luxury resources are often bunched in one location (e.g. Silks in the far east), and some Strategic resources may be hard for certain nations to capture. Feedback is still very welcome of course.

Changes from Beta version - very few. Added land bridge at Gibraltar. Added a few fresh water lakes to allow for irrigation.

UPDATED - Changed file to allow up to 31 civs instead of 7 (oops). Thanks to Blue Monkey for the heads up.
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