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eventlog v7 2016-10-05

eventlog v7

  1. Gyathaar
    This is a simple command line program that reads a savefile and dumps the output to file (or screen if no outfile specified)

    Syntax: eventlog.exe \path\to\savefile.Civ4SavedGame optional_output_file.txt

    Version7: Supports Warlords v2.00 saves. Should properly recognize all multiplayer saves.
    Version6: Supports patch 1.61
    Version5: Made compatible with the HOF-mod
    Version4: Supports patch 1.52, added years for ancient age start saves. Added info for played time and save version/speed.
    Version3: Supports patch 1.09 (and most likely 1.08 too)
    Version2: also dumps current active trade deals the player has.
    Version1: original version

    If you miss zlib1.dll when running the program, you can copy this file from the civ4 game dir, or download latest zlib compiled DLL from http://www.zlib.net/

    See http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=141769 for more info