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Female AncientSpy 2016-10-05

I was very unhappy with the fact that all my spies switched gender on me halfway through the game.
With this mod all your spies will stay the same sex throughout the game.


The mod replaces the original BTS unit graphics for the ancient
spy with a sexy female similar to the modern spy unit.

To install the mod simply copy the provided CustomAssets into your
~\My Documents\My Games\Beyond the Sword\CustomAssets directory.

The artwork for the female spy is a sexy female archer in green by AlazkanAssassin.

AlazkanAssassin did the artwork, not me.
I've just bundled it here for the technically challenged, because AlazkanAssassin's
original upload included no installation instructions for non-modders.

WARNING: The mod changes the CIV4ArtDefines_Unit.xml file. If you have other
custom unit graphics it will be necessary to edit this file.

This mod does not change gameplay in any way.

Original post of the unit graphics in civfanatics archive -

Image of ancient female spy -
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