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Feudal Japan - Sengoku-Jidai 1.5 2016-10-05

Feudal Japan - Sengoku-Jidai 1.5

  1. Andrew_Jay
    The current thread for this scenario can be found here.

    This is a scenario that replicates the "Sengoku - Sword of the Shogun" scenario from Civ III, and the game Shogun - Total War.

    Scenario features include:

    - custom Tech-Tree
    - custom Units, using custom graphics
    - custom Buildings
    - custom Civics


    Unzip and place the "Sengoku-Jidai" folder in your "Warlords\Mods" folder alongside the other scenarios that came with Warlords. To run the scenario simple open the file "Sengoku-Jidai.CivWarlordsWBSave" under "WarlordsWBSaveUnder "Warlords\Mods\Sengoku-Jidai\Public Maps"

    I hope people enjoy the scenario. A lot of work went into it and I'm really happy with the results. Enjoy! :)