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Final Fantasy Hero Party 2016-10-05

Final Fantasy Hero Party

  1. DJ Bonebraker
    This is a M-Unit I did using 4 of my female Final Fantasy Hero-based units. I origninally did it as a "Girl Posse" for the Playground mod, but decided to keep the overal FF theme in case I wanted to add such a unit to the FF mod.

    This party consists of General Beatrix from Final Fantasy IX (whom I may re-do in the not-to-distant future, which will mean that I'll have to re-do this M-unit, but that won't be too hard), Yuffie from Final Fantasy VII, Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII and Rikku From Final Fantasy X and X-2 (making this a chronological FF heroine unit :lol: )

    Anyways, enjoy!


    1. posselarge_41b.gif
    2. posse_8Jz.gif