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[Henry's Maps] Europe 99x72 2016-10-05

Version 2.1 is out now (21.04.2011).

Features (sroll down for more details)

  • 15 playable Civilizations
  • NO DLC-Civs needed (except free Mongolia) - In some cases the map is using vanilla Civs for representing others (like Spain is represented by recoloured America)
  • ample space for european playable Civs. So its possible - but not nessesary - to build up an emprie, before going to war
  • 24 City States
  • A few City States now own two pre set Cities - they now are some kind of "minor Civs". This leads to some more more realistic gameplay, I hope
  • pre set (and renamed) Capital for every Civ
  • preset ressources: I tried to put them in "real world locations" (some are not of cource - thats for game play reasons)
  • some ressources are pretty rare, so they may become casus belli
  • ressources are placed in regions - for example there are no dyes in northern europe. so you need to trade or conquer for it
  • 10/11 Natural Wonders (not renamed, just representing European Natural Wonders)
  • Navigable sea narrows: Strait of Messina, Dardanelles, Strait of Gibraltar, Great Belt
  • Its just a pure map - so it should be compatible with most mods out there.
  • two versions included: one is basicly "clean" - no cities are set, just starting postions. The other one include pre set cities and city States.

Any feedback still will be welcome. Please write in Forum thread for feedback. Thank you. :)

download first.

Extract the files into ...My Documents/My Games/Civilization 5/Maps.
Start the game -> go to "Mods" -> "Single Player" -> choose "Set up game" -> "Maps": find "Henry'sEurope99x72v2.0SC". Set "Scenario" on for true Starting Locations.

Henry'sEurope99x72v2.0SC is for playing. It includes pre setr Cities and pre set City States. You can't walk around before founding your first City here.

For scenario making I suggest using this "clean version" map: Henry'sEurope99x72v2.0 is has Starting positions and CSt defined, but not pre placed. So its more easy to use this for your Scenario with own cities and such.


15 big Civilisations:

Playable Cis are not renamed, since the dont show up right, if renamed just in World Builder.

  • 1 Egpyt
  • 2 England
  • 3 France
  • 4 Germany
  • 5 Greece
  • 6 Ottoman Empire
  • 7 Spain (America)
  • 8 Persia (starting on Babylons location since this was the nearest SP to Persepolis and Persepolis is not on Map)
  • 9 Rome
  • 10 Russia or Moscowitan Rule
  • 11 Empire of Almohads (Arabians)
  • 12 Fatimid Empire (Shonghai)
  • 13 Mongols
  • 14 Polish-Lithuan Empire (Iroquoise) (anyway: Warshaw still is City State.)
  • 15 Kiewan Rus or Ukrain (Chinese)

24 City States:
All original European City States are included plus some not European - these are renamed on Map (just on Map, NOT renamed in game messages :(). I felt the region around the Alpes a bit crowed, so some CS's moved. Basicly this is for Florece (now named Chersones), Genoa [Algiers], Monaco (Barcelona]. Then there are on map: Cape Town (Istanbul*), Hanoi (Danzig), Rio de Janero (Lisboa), Singapore (Amsterdam), Almaty (Kolchis).

6 of 24 City States own more then one City, they represent Civilizations, but are not playable. This counts for:
  • Istanbul + Burssa. (Byzantine Empire). I choosed "Istanbul" over Konstatinople, becouse Civ5 should check for Names and Ottoman Empire will not found "Istanbul" itsself now, I hope)
  • Copenhagen + Aarhus (Denmark)
  • Stockholm + Kalmar (Sweden)
  • Oslo + Bergen (Norway)
  • Danzig + Riga (Teutonic Order)
  • Lisboa + Porto (Portugale)

Natural Wonders
Natural Wonders are in - representing European Natual Wonders now. But they are NOT renamed,they will show up in original names. Anyway - which Natural Wonder does represent what landmark in Europe or Minor Asia?
  • Rock of Gibraltar -> well... Rock of Gibraltar
  • Gret Barrier Reef -> Wadden Sea in Dutch/German North Sea
  • Krakatoa -> Santorin
  • Mt Fuji -> Montblanc
  • Barringer Crater -> Terrasses of Pamukkale
  • Grand Mesa -> Sierra del Torcal
  • Old Faithful -> Worlds highest Cold Water Geysir in Andernach (Germany)
  • Cerro de Potosi -> Mt. Ararat
  • El Dorado -> Minoan City of Knossos Ruins
  • Fountain of Youth -> Death Sea

some small in game Screenshots from different map ereas (Version 1.0 screenshots. Version 2.0 is improved)
Spoiler :

Baltic Sea

Eastern Mediterran Sea



British Islands and nothern France

Mapshot merged from World builder
Spoiler :

Have fun!
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