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HephMod Beyond 1.0 BETA C (3.19) For BtS 3.19

HephMod Beyond 1.0 BETA C (3.19)

  1. Hephaistion
    HEPHMOD BEYOND (powered by RevDCM)


    HephMod is a mod-pack that emphasizes historical flavor and realism within the bounds of smooth and challenging gameplay. To this end, HephMod's guiding principle is, "More is not always better." I try to keep feature creep to a minimum and thoroughly playtest new features to optimize the player experience. This mod is designed to be played on EPIC speed.

    Varietas Delectat flavor units
    Longer Epic game with reduced unit costs, giving more time in each era to play with military units
    Increased ability to support large armies in the early game
    Unique religions and increased unhappiness due to non-state religions
    Serious reworking of unit stats (originally based on Wes' Medieval Mod)
    A handful of new units: Skirmishers and Light Cavalry in the early and middle eras
    More distinctive trait abilities for civs to give playing different civs a more unique feel
    Additional flavor units
    Civics almost totally reworked based on an advantage/disadvantage model
    A Bit More Natural mod (a resource mod that makes resource appearance parameters more realistic)
    Includes RevolutionDCM Mod 2.61 by jdog, glider1, et al.
    Inquisitor mod (bmarnz and OrionVeteran) merged, with some changes
    StackAid (including the "hero" promotions from Zuul's Promotions&Perks)
    Enhanced Tech Conquest by Bhruic
    A new Civics category (Military) and two new Civics in each category
    abbamouse's realistic religions is back (without Zoroastrianism for the time being, however)
    Unique shrine wonders with local and global benefits and drawbacks
    Unique religion-specific promotions for Spiritual civilizations (adapted from GOO)
    Doctrine wonders and promotion trees (built by Great Generals)
    Guild wonders (commercial wonders with resource prerequisities built by Great Merchants)

    Visit the thread at: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=192879

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