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Jorrtapp's Mod 2016-10-05

Compatible for Civ4 1.61
Install to X:\Civilization_IV\Mods\
Free redistribution as long as I'm notified by mail.
Forum thread:

I did make a Modern Norway civ some time ago, and it got almost complete. Now work on that civ and two others is near to completetion and ready for betatesting. Give it a week and tester can be recruited.

Jorrtapp's Mod will include:

Modern Norway
Post '47 Israel
Third Reich

So far the civ's have:
Their leaders completed. (1 each at the time).
3 unique units all ready and complete.
Leaderheads are still in 2D, but work is well underway on 3D.
Civilipedia entries for nations, leaders and units complete.
Work being done with AI to make them a little more personal. (Needs testing)
Compability to Civ4 v1.61, No Warlordz version planned as I ain't got Warlordz

Planned addittions:
Diplomatic comments. (The welcome comments when you first meet them).
Finshing the 3D leaderheads.

The addition of the Nazis ( Third Reich ) as a civ might be a bit touchy to some people, but I feel that their mark on history and the world even up to this day warrants for their creation. Not to mention that various other dictators of the same calibre have been made both officially and by modders ( Stalin and Mao as examples. )
My creation of the Third Reich does not mean in any way that I sympathise or advocate their wievs and ideas, rather to the contrary I despice what they stand for political and ethical. Still as I said, the mark they made on the world in their short period of existence makes them Civ-worthy.
Plus, it might get even more fun to go to war against them!!
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