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Kool-Aid Modpack 2016-10-05

I had too much time to spare. So i made a Kool-Aid civ!


I made a flag. It's a quick work since i had to fill my stomach with delicious
Kool-Aid. But i find it pretty nice!

I have the paint version here in the spoiler It's better in-game, mostly because it's smaller in-game:

Spoiler For Flag :

I am pretty proud of it.

That was the flag, now it's the civ.

The civ is called Kool-Aid.

With their leader Kool-Aid man. His traits is Commercial, and Scientific.

His leader picture is also a paint job loosely based on this picture, without the "Oh Yeah!" However the "Oh Yeah" is an easter egg.

Spoiler For Kool-Aid Man :

Their Unique Unite is also the Kool-Aid Man. Based on the picture. It replaces warrior. it's 2/1/2. It will say "Oh Yeah!" When selected.

The mod is able to download here.

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