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Land of our Fathers v1.2 2016-10-05

Land of our Fathers v1.2

  1. jenks

    Land of our Fathers v1.2
    An historical mod of the Founding Fathers of Civilization IV: Colonization
    Land of our Fathers v1.2: released 8th December 2008 15Mb - on 2shared.com (click the 'click here' link bottom right part of screen)
    Land of our Fathers v1.1: released 5th December 2008 16Mb - on 2shared.com (click the 'click here' link bottom right part of screen)
    Land of our Fathers v1.0: released 1st December 2008 2Mb (no Portugal nation/colonies) - on CivFanatics

    Mod summary v1.2:
    * Strategic decisions (all of the Founding Fathers have now been granted usefulness in-game so are more balanced)
    * Historical accuracy (Hernan Cortes 'famed conquistador and slayer of the Aztecs' no longer gives you a free stockade, pilgrim leader William Brewster no longer gives a discount when buying indian land)
    * Play as Portugal (now with Portuguese leaders Henry Aviz and Martim de Sousa)
    * Improved AI (the computer no longer takes only the weak Fathers which you refuse)
    * Aggressive natives (untrained colonist religious missions fail more often, and there are less modifiers to Indian relations)
    * Religious migration (crosses, churches and cathedrals are now all easier to produce & focus upon, so migration has more value)
    * Harvest raw materials (no nearby villages training planters for that prime resource near your town? Get the corresponding trade Father and bring one over from Europe)
    * The 'French Intervention' (at some expense and likely late in the War of Independance, Founding Father Benjamin Franklin will now bring reinforcements from Europe)

    Complete changelog from Civ IV: Colonization (vanilla):
    Spoiler :
    VERSION 1.2
    * added Audioscripts2d.xml (allows play of the currently non-functioning portuguese music)
    * added Audioscripts3d.xml (allows play of the currently non-functioning portuguese music)
    * added Audiodefines.xml (allows play of the currently non-functioning portuguese music)
    * Removed PublicMaps (saves 1.4Mb filespace, looking to add fairweathe maps again at a later date)
    * Removed CvGameCoreDLL (saves 3.4Mb filespace, cpp files not necessary for playing the mod)
    * Attack crossing river modifier now -20% (was -10%, is -10% in vanilla)
    * Attack from ship modifier now -40% (was -25%, is -20% in vanilla, attempt to fix a single and multiplayer exploit of loading loads of cannons on a ship and attacking without chance of counter attack)
    * Amphibious promotion (Melee, Mounted, Gunpowder) now requires Combat IV (was Combat II)
    * Diplomacy text change "We would like to offer you the lands this settlement is on as a sign of our respect." to "We would like to offer you the land our settlement was founded upon as a sign of our respect." (clarity)
    VERSION 1.1
    * changed text on "2x as likely chance to get Treasure from Ancient ruins" (bad English!)
    * changed Father John Jacob Astor to +25% fur, added +1 Expert Fur Trapper (not purchasable in Europe - all units are now available in some way game)
    * added King of Portugal (Purple, leaderhead from Civ4 - Portugal, pedia from AOD2/Wikipedia)
    * changed Father John Paul Jones to +1 Frigate, free promotion (Veteran I) for all Naval units (to distinguish from Aviz' new Seafarer trait)
    * added trait Exporters (free promotion Cargo Holds)
    * added Portugal colonies (Dark purple, flag from AOD2, trait: Exporters)
    * added trait Seafarer (free promotion Navigation I, all naval units)
    * added Portugal leader Henry Aviz (trait: Seafarer, leaderhead from Ekmek, pedia from AOD2/Wikipedia)
    * added trait Explorer (-25% horses required for scout profession)
    * added Portugal leader Martim de Sousa (trait: Explorer, leaderhead from C.Roland, pedia from AOD2/Wikipedia)
    * added promotion Cargo Holds (Naval units only, +1 cargo capacity, requires Great General, recycled icon from Collateral damage III)
    VERSION 1.0
    Changes to Founding Fathers, bonuses, costs and positions, as well as additional changes based on CivFanatics feedback, removing bugs, exploits and enhancing gameplay:
    * Increased cost of all Founding Fathers, escalating with difficulty level (60/90/110/120/130/140/150 - % of base cost).
    * Decreased success rate of establishing missions, falling with difficulty level (100/95/90/85/80/75/70 - % chance of success)
    * Jesuit Missionaries are now ALWAYS 100% successful in founding a mission, and still attract +50% converts
    * Slightly increased penalty for attacking from sea (-20% to -25%)
    * Added a chance for Galleons to escape to a friendly Drydock / Shipyard following defeat (as per Caravel/Merchantman - other defensive/trading vessels)
    * Doubled Looter promotion to +100% gold from pillaging
    * Amended text for "Reveals all Tiles with [x]" ... to "Reveals all [x]" to increase on screen space [English only]

    Complete list of Founding Fathers, synopsis of their history, vanilla colonization bonuses, and their newly assigned bonuses (categorized in new in-game order):
    Juan Ponce de Leon (conquistador who discovered Florida searching for fountain of youth ... vanilla gives x2 chance to get treasure from ruins)
    to x2 chance to get treasure from ruins
    Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada (wealthy conquistador & explorer who searched for El Dorado ... vanilla gives all burial grounds and ruins visible)
    to all burial grounds and ruins visible, plus +1 movement for galleons
    Pedro Alvares Cabral (portuguese discoverer of Brazil in 1500, which Europeans then filled with sugar plantations ... vanilla gives -50% travel time to and from Europe)
    to +25% sugar production in all settlements, plus +1 Expert Sugar Planter
    Vaco Nunez de Balboa (first expedition leader to reach and see the pacific ocean ... vanilla gives +25% defense in all settlements)
    to +1 movement for all scouts
    Jacques Marquette (french missionary who mapped the mississippi river ... vanilla gives +1 movement scouts)
    to free promotion (Explorer I) to mounted units, plus +1 Jesuit Missionary
    John Smith (colony leader, survived capture by Algonquan indians, popular pioneer and explorer ... vanilla gives -50% cost of native lands)
    to buildings require 25% less Tools, plus +1 Hardy Pioneer
    Giovanni de Verrazano (explorer, first European to explore the Atlantic coast of North America including New York Harbor ... vanilla gives +1 caravel)
    to + 1 caravel, plus +1 movement for caravel
    Juan de Bermudez (navigator, discoverer (and gave name to) Bermuda ... vanilla gives +1 movement to caravel, merchantman, galleon)
    to -50% travel time to Europe
    Lewis and Clark (military pioneers and traders exploring across N America, land and sea, to the pacific ... vanilla gives -50% tools for pioneers)
    to -25% cost of indian lands, +1 movement for wagon trains, +1 movement merchantman
    Alexander von Humboldt (explorer/scientist - creator of 'biogeography' ... vanilla gives +50% production of colleges and universities)
    to +100% production of schoolhouses, colleges, and universities

    Bartolome de las Casas (spanish priest and bishop who voiced opposition to indian slavery & torture ... vanilla gives +50% conversion from natives)
    to +25% conversion rate from missions
    Gabriel Lallemant (jesuit missionary killed by the iroquois, patron saint of canada ... vanilla gives +50% production of church & cathedral)
    to +2 Jesuit missionaries
    William Brewster (pilgrim leader and pastor at Plymouth .. vanilla gives -25% cost to native lands)
    to +1 free colonist, plus +25% construction of churches & cathedrals
    Juan de Sepulveda (spanish theologian argued for the right of conquest, colonization and evangelization of America ... vanilla gives +2 converted natives)
    to +2 Jesuit missionaries, plus +25% conversion rate from missions
    Nathanial Hawthorne (puritan noveliston the morals of humankind ... vanilla gives +3 elder statesmen)
    to +1 hammer per church, +2 hammer per cathedral
    Gregorio de Mattos e Guerra (brazilian religious poet and satirist ... vanilla gives +2 bells per church, +3 bells per cathedral)
    to +1 cross per printing press, +2 crosses per newspaper
    Thomas Hooker (puritan minister of conneticut ... vanilla gives 3 jesuit missionaries)
    to +1 Firebrand Preacher, plus +50% cross production
    William Penn (pacifist quaker, champion of democracy and religious freedom, founder of Pennsylvania ... vanilla gives +3 crosses per town hall, plus strengthens relations with natives)
    to free church in all settlements
    Sor Juana (catholic nun, poet and scholar ... vanilla gives +3 crosses per church & cathedral)
    to +1 cross per settlement, +1 crosses per church, +2 crosses per cathedral
    Roger Williams (English theologian, proponent of religious tolerance, separation of church and state and fair dealings with Natives ... vanilla gives +25% conversion from natives, plus +2 strengthens relations with natives)
    to +2 bells per church, +4 bells per cathedral, plus strengthens relations with natives
    John Harvard (clergyman who left half his estate to the first Cambridge schoolmaster ... vanilla gives free schoolhouse per settlement)
    to +50% education in all settlements, free schoolhouse in all settlements

    Chief Powhatan (warchief of powhatan indians ... vanilla gives +50% strength for converted natives)
    to +50% strength for converted natives, and +1 movement for converted natives
    Francisco Pizarro (conquistador, conqueror of peru and the incan empire ... vanilla gives Free promotion of Looter for Gunpowder Units)
    to free promotion Looter (melee, gunpowder, mounted, seige units, plus Looter promotion doubled in strength to +100% gold from pillaging)
    Diego Velazquez de Cuellar (governor of cuba authorised slave import ... vanilla gives Provides 3 indentured servants)
    to provides +3 indentured servants
    Francisco de Coronado (first conquistador to visit the grand canyon ... vanilla gives +1 movement for Dragoons)
    to free stockade in every colony
    Hernan Cortes (conquisatdor who overthrew the aztecs ... vanilla gives Free Stockade for each settlement)
    to +50% great general emergence
    Paul Chomeday de Maisonneuve (the french officer who fought off the Iroquois invading Montreal ... vanilla gives free promotion (Formation) to Gunpowder units, plus +1 movement converted natives)
    to +25% defense in all settlements
    Hernando de Soto (explorer, conquistador, horseman, fighter and military tactician ... vanilla gives free promotion (grenadier I) for gunpowder units)
    to +1 horses per stables, +2 horses per ranch, plus +1 Expert Rancher
    Marquis de La Fayette (general under washington who managed to organize a retreat at brandywine despite being wounded in battle ... vanilla gives Increases Gun production by the tax rate)
    to +1 movement for Dragoons, plus free promotion Skirmisher I (mounted units)
    John Paul Jones (americas first great naval leader ... vanilla gives Provides 1 Frigate)
    to +1 Frigate, free promotion of Navigation I (naval units)
    Ethan Allen (leader of the green mountain boys, guerilla revolutionaries who took vermont ... vanilla gives Free promotion of Ranger I and Mountaineer I for Gunpowder Units)
    to Free promotion of Ranger I and Mountaineer I (Gunpowder Units)
    Dom Pedro I (Brazils first emperor who declared its independance form portugal ... vanilla gives +50% Great General emergence, Free promotion of Veteran I and Minuteman I for Gunpowder and Mounted Units)
    to +50% Great General emergence, free promotion of Veteran I and Minuteman I for Gunpowder and Mounted Units

    Peter Minuit (trader who bought manhattan for the equivalent of $24 ... vanilla gives -25% purchase cost in Europe)
    to -50% cost of buying native land
    Lord Baltimore (settler, governor, proprietor of the Maryland colony - a catholic refuge in the english civil war ... vanilla gives increased cross production by tax rate)
    to increases cross production by current tax rate, plus +25% construction of churches & cathedrals
    Jan de Witt (dutch republican, merchant leader, politician ... vanilla gives -50% tools per building)
    to buildings require 25% less Tools, -10% cost of buying units in Europe
    John Rolfe (the english tobacco planter who married pocahontas in 1614 ... vanilla gives +25% Tobacco in all settlements)
    to +25% Tobacco in all settlements, plus +1 Expert Tobacco Planter, plus +1 relations with the natives
    Alexander Hamilton (industrialist, nationalist, first secretary of the treasury, established import taxes ... vanilla gives +3 hammers per settlement)
    to +1 hammer per settlement, increases hammer production by current tax rate
    Eli Whitney (inventor of the cotton gin in 1793, a device which allows seeds to be speedily seperated and re-planted - device also strengthened the countries economic reliance on slavery ... vanilla gives +50% cotton in all settlements)
    to +25% cotton in all settlements, plus +1 Expert Cotton Planter, plus +2 Indentured servant
    John Jacob Astor (owner of the american fur company in 1808, multi-millionaire through fur trading ... vanilla gives +50% fur in all settlements)
    to +25% fur in all settlements, plus +1 Expert Fur Trapper, plus +1 Master Fur Trader
    Adam Smith (the father of modern economics ... vanilla gives +50% hammers for production of cloth/rum/cigar/coat factories)
    to +100% hammers for production of cloth/rum/cigar/coat factories
    Cyrus McCormick (inventors of agricultural machinery including the 'reaper' in 1834, a 19th century tractor ... vanilla gives +1 food on tiles with 2 food, plus +50% sugar in all settlements)
    to +1 food on tiles with 1 food, +1 Expert Farmer

    Pocahontas (indian native who saved John Smith and later married John Rolfe ... vanilla gives strengthened relations with natives, plus one off auto-peace)
    to +1 Indian convert, plus +3 strengthens relations with natives, plus a one off auto-peace with the natives
    John Winthrop (Puritan leader and governor, respected political figure ... vanilla gives +1 Cross per Town Hall)
    to gives +1 cross per church, +2 crosses per cathedral
    Samuel Adams (republican, statesman, politician, writer, political philosopher, brewer, instrumental in garnering support of the colonies for rebellion against Britain ... vanilla gives Increases Liberty Bell production by the tax rate)
    to increases liberty bell production by tax rate, plus increases gun production by tax rate
    Thomas Paine (English revolutionary, inventor, and intellectual argued for the rights of man and guaranteed minimum income ... vanilla gives Increases hammer production by the tax rate)
    to increases liberty bell production by +25%
    Alexis de Tocqueville (french democratic political thinker and historian ... vanilla gives +50% education in every settlement, +3 Liberty Bells per University)
    to +1 Liberty Bell per Schoolhouse, +2 Liberty Bells per College, +3 Liberty Bells per University
    Betsy Ross (seamstress said to have sewn the first American flag incorporating stars representing the first thirteen colonies ... vanilla gives +3 Cloth from Weaver's House, Weaver's Shop, and Textile Mill)
    to +1 liberty bell, +1 cloth per weaver's house, +2 liberty bell, +2 cloth per Weaver's shop, +3 Liberty bell, +3 cloth per Textile mill
    Washington Irving (America's first genuine internationally best-selling author ... vanilla gives +1 Liberty Bell per Schoolhouse, +2 Liberty Bells per College, +3 Liberty Bells per University)
    to +50% education in all settlements
    James Madison (Father of the Bill of Rights, president and economic revivalist ... vanilla gives +3 Guns per Armory, Magazine, and Arsenal)
    to +1 liberty bells per printing press, +2 liberty bells per newspaper, -20% cost of purchasing units in Europe
    John Jay (statesman, revolutionary, diplomat, and key opponent of slavery ... vanilla gives +25% Liberty Bells per settlement)
    to +1 guns per armory, +2 guns per magazine, +3 guns per arsenal
    Patrick Henry (influential republican, denunciatiator of corruption in government officials and defender of historic rights ... vanilla gives 3 Liberty Bells per Town Hall)
    to +3 Liberty bells per town hall
    Ben Franklin (author, political theorist, scientist, inventor, statesman and diplomat who secured the french intervention ... vanilla gives +3 Liberty Bells per Printing Press and Newspaper )
    to free galleon, +4 veteran soldiers, +2 cannons

    Also incorporating all PatchMod 1.07 changes (many thx to Dale/Snoopy):
    * Added iKingUnitThresholdPercent xml tag to Civ4HandicapInfos.xml and implemented.
    * Added iKingGoldThresholdPercent xml tag to Civ4HandicapInfos.xml and implemented.
    * King no longer increases taxes after WoI.
    * King no longer increases REF after WoI.
    * King no longer requests gold after WoI.
    * Tax rises less often in Marathon and Epic games.
    * King's navy cannot enter native settlements (eliminates an exploit).
    * Only coastal cities with specified good are now mentioned in [goods] party text.
    * Removed access to domestic advisor during diplomacy (eliminates an exploit).
    * AI will now use King's Transports after turn 90 for treasures if it doesn't have a galleon
    * AI will load and take treasure to Europe from uncolonised continents (before they just sat there forever).
    * AI now arms units in Europe and transports them to become standing defenders of the colonies.
    * AI now correctly pursues massive armament during lead-up to revolution (previously only did this on declaration of independance meaning it only got one turn to buy an army).
    * AI is now capable of winning Indian wars and the War of Independance
    * AI has more cash for everything.
    * AI now capable of having more than 2 transport ships (now max 5).
    * Reduced education threshold increase from 20% to 10%.
    * Multiple colonists can graduate each turn.
    * AI start locs no longer in order from top to bottom of map (randomised).
    * Humans no longer start in the same start loc.
    * Europe Sea Zone fix to one third of the way in from the map edge and 4 tiles from coast
    * Regenerating map now resets REF (previously, every regeneration increased REF by initial size. EG: 8/4/4/4 to 16/8/8/8).
    * Europe sea zone now removed from map when plot erased (noticeable in Map Regeneration).
    * Start locations on random maps spread out more (increased iRange index from 10 to 40 in CvPlayer::startingPlotRange()).
    * Can now sail to the east or west coast (if known) from Europe.
    * AI will settle correctly in user-made custom scenarios.
    * Colonists can now join cities after moving (like founding cities). Does not include outside jobs such as scout, military, pioneer, missionary.
    * Can now set profession after moving (like clear profession).
    * Converted native can no longer be educated at Indian settlements (can be trained at school as normal).
    * Converted natives can no longer become missionaries.
    * Units cannot be made a soldier/dragoon and attack the same turn (eliminates an exploit).
    * Terrain double movement from promotions now works fully (eg: Swamp Fox II wasn't applying to marsh even though it was set to).
    * Units unstack when entering native training (eliminates screwy behaviour).
    * Units unstack when going to/from Europe (eliminates screwy behaviour).
    * Easier to get Great Generals in Marathon and Epic games.
    * Units on the way to, or in Europe get intercepted by the King when you declare independance.
    * Defensive bonus for armed natives fixed to match unarmed natives (mounted/unmounted reversed).
    * Docks hurry costs have a set maximum (currently 2000, will change).
    * That bloody unit cycling bug has been found, squashed and celebrated!
    * Automation (and AI) will no longer remove features from a plot when that plot is being worked and it has an improvement (eg: lodge on forest will NOT be removed under automation).
    * European horses increased in price.
    * Blockaded goods no longer counted against tax rise threshold.
    * King's blockades now clear after WoI.
    * Warehouse expansion sales now count towards total traded amounts (not previously counted).
    * Natives only change desired good when supplied with that good (previously was any good would reset desired good).
    * Buttons on trade route screen corrected.
    * Prices in Europe are checked after each trade instead of only once per turn.
    * Production now calculated before resource yield calculation, fixes depletion bug.
    * Warnings: Out of raw good for processing warning.
    * Warnings: Almost out of space warning.
    * GG concept entry no longer talks about free upgrades and retaining full experience when doing so.
    * FF's and Traits boosting native relations now correctly mentions auto-peace with natives.
    * Renamed to Colonizopedia as it was in Col1.
    * setBasicUnitHelp bug shows correct transport unit when changed from default.
    * Cargo now takes the number of berths in ships as defined in Civ4UnitInfos.xml via tag iBerthSize. (EG: Treasure now fills 6 berths of a ship)
    * Can't declare war against another European Civ for the first 20 turns.
    * Missionaries now produce converts for a PLAYER not a NATION (eliminates converts confused which player to go to when two players same nation).
    * Exploration points now correctly scale for gamespeed.
    * Pilgrim king gives you a free ship if you lose your final ship (regardless of gold remaining).
    * Establishing missions now have an increasing failure chance based on success missions and difficulty.
    * Failed missions will have a negative impact on the Natives.
    * Immigration threshold increase reduced to 20% (was 25%).
    * End of game now extended after first DoI (like Col1) based on GameSpeed: 75/100/150/300 turns. So now 300 turns to DoI, +100 turns to win from that point (on Normal speed).
    * Start location (re-spawn location) is now randomised each time you lose your last ship.
    * Text when Indians "give" you their city changed for clarity.
    Military Founding Fathers Screenshot
    Spoiler :
    CREDITS TO : Dale & Snoopy (PatchMod and AOD2), C.Roland (Sousa LH), Ekmek (Aviz LH)

    ALL feedback, comments, suggestions and playtesting are much appreciated