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Maps Plus v1.0 - No Ice Locking Etc Version 2.1

Enhances Vanilla Map Scripts for more enjoyment

  1. Minor Update V2.1

    Minor Update:
    - Included a new trial map script of Big & Small (originally in BTS). i picked civ 4 up a couple of weeks ago on a sale and found the script quite refreshing to play. Essentially everyone starts on 1/2 Big continents, and there are several smaller continents & islands floating in the ocean. in civ 6 terms, think of a Pangaea style map with Island plates floating off the coast. Perfect map for Vicky ( i founded 30~ cities in my playthrough)

    - A bit disappointed at the patch & DLC - no world builder for fast troubleshooting. Kinda went crazy trying to implement custom sizes - not sure how much more work i'll put in to this.

    As always pls post any feedback/bugs if you find them.
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