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Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express Comapatible SDK 2016-10-05

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express Comapatible SDK

  1. rothn
    Unzip the archive to

    C:/Documents and Settings/{your username}/My Documents/Visual Studio 2005/Projects

    if you run vista, use this path

    C:/Users/{your username}/Documents/Visual Studio 2005/Projects

    Next, delete the folder called Final_Release in the root directory of the CvGameCoreDLL project.

    If Microsoft Visual C++ Express Edition can't find the files, make a new directory called CvCore and put all of the files in there that don't have the following extensions:


    If you want, you can replace the generated CvGameCoreDLL with the original one to get a few bonus features reserved for the developers while still having all of the features of the normal release build.
    If the link that I gave you is too slow, you can also download it here