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Midgard fantasy mod 1.1 2016-10-05

UPDATED - November 5th 2006
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A fantasy mod based on civ2 fantastic worlds homonymous scenario. Control civilisations like the winged Buteons or the marine-based Merfolks and discover new game rules, such as the native terrain feature.
Requires Conquests, 1.22 patch strongly recommended.

A detailed preview can be found here:

Optional features (based on material from the original Midgard scenario):
Title Screen (463 Kb)
Menu Music (2.38 Mb)
To install the optional features, extract them in your civilization III folder. However they will overwrite the original civilization files, so it's a good idea to backup them first.

Additional scenarios
In addition Leobon made some interesting scenarios based on Midgard, incorporating Middle Earth features like new Dwarven and Hobbit civilisations. Details and download links are available here:

Thread link for discussion and feedback: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=127564
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First posting. A new member. I need help. I downloaded and installed according to the instructions. But the message comes ERROR READING FILE. MISSING ENTRY IN "text\pedialcons.text" Icon_Bldg_Dragoncaves game will exit.
This message came on with 30% of the game trying to load. I hope this is the right place for help. Craig
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