[MOD] Modular United Mods v1.3 2016-10-05

[MOD] Modular United Mods v1.3

  1. Liambane
    Modular United Mods 1.3

    Merged Mods:
    - Modular Chinese Civilization (by Younflancy)
    - Modular Swedish Civilization (by Petabyte)
    - Modular Portuguese Civilization (by Dale)
    - Modular Danish Civilization (by Liambane)
    - Modular Russian Civilization (by Piman)
    - Some Graphical changes in flags and leaderheads.
    - Ozzy's America map modded for be played with this mod (by Ozzy, Masterman and Liambane)

    Check the Main Thread for more details: Modular United Mods v1.3


    1. civ4screenshot0002_86q.jpg