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Modular XML Loading 3.0 2016-10-05

Modular XML Loading 3.0

  1. Impaler[WrG]
    Modular XML Loading (MXMLL) is a mod to the Civ4 Warlords DLL which allows the game to load and read multiple XML files of many types. It uses a standardized naming and organizing convention which has the promise of delivering full drag and drop modularity to the games content (almost). Properly configured modules will be able to alter the games default data or add new content such as a Tech, Wonder, building, Unit, Leader or whole Civs with such elements nested inside it. The end of tedius cutting and pasting to assemble Mod content will hearald a new age in Civ4 Moding.

    For future releases, question, comments and requests go too
    MXMLL Home Thread