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More effects mod v5.0

This mod will add new effects to be used for civilization.
i will add more effects as they become relevant.
this is a graphics mod component.

this mod does not apply the effects to any unit.
this mod only add the frame work for the effects.
you must make an fx trigger that references the effect or message me to write one for you.

when testing Effect it goes off the effect scale and the scale of the object and possibly the bones of the unit/object
results may very from unit to unit
this can cause insanely large effects and extreme flashing lights when applied to the wrong scaled unit/object.
if you go testing them you have been warned.
effect pictures and command lines can be found in the new read me folder added

How to install

place the "DLC_NEW_EFFECTS_V2.0" folder here in your civ 5 files
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization V\Assets\DLC\Expansion2\DLC

delete any old version

delete to uninstall.

Feel free to private message me about new effects or writing fx_triggers for unit/improvements/ect..
If you plan to use new effects I can make you a custom effect and add it to this mod.
The main problem I have with effects is that I don't have the time to make the effects, add them to things, test them, and write up a mod to use them.
I can make the visuals if people do the other work for there mods. I could make a bunch of fantasy/sci-fi effects but I don't have the time to go adding/making them into mods.
You want a bunch of wizard effects I can do that for you.
You already have a mod? But you want more effects added to your stuff message me we can make it happen.

If you want any effects private message me, I'll make you some effects and get them into the game for ya. You just do all the unit coding and what your unit does and what not and how/why it's in the game.

I have many effects I can add, plus I can make custom ones, but I need reasons to add them I need unit/building that use them or else there is no point in me adding it to this mod.
So please message me let's get some more effects into civ.

Unless people request effects for me to add, my next update won't be for a long while. My next update will be a large one for all the effects needed for project aftermath.
I haven't even started making those effects yet that's how far off my next planned update is.

Side note

this is more then likely not multiplayer compatible and will need to be uninstalled to play online. If ever one has the mod then maybe it will be multiplayer compatible.
i probably wont test it. i have no one to test it with. and i don't want to go online and see if this breaks the game ruining the game for those people immediately.

current version 5.0

a read me folder has been added listing the effect command lines and pictures of the effects.
due to having to many pictures all pictures are now in the read me file folder.

all current effects added

Blue bioluminescent glow
Blue laser beam
Blue plasma Pulse
red laser blast
green laser blast
ghoul glow
40k ork effects
cloud unit effect
cloud lightning effect

units i have edited to use these effects can be found here.


cloud/lightning effects added

40k ork effects added

fixed xcom original green plasma effect i made an error when typing that broke it

blue laser and blue plasma pulse added.

bioluminescent glow effect update.


adds Blue bioluminescent glow effect

this version just piggy backs into the game on the bnw dlc pack. i may update the method later doing it as its own dlc pack.
i dont know how to add more effects to the game outside of the games files themselves. so this is the best i can do to add more effects to the game. from the mod sections a mod file can use the fx trigger line with no problem.
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