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Multiplayer Earth update on BtS balanced 2016-10-05

This is updated version of my BtS balanced Earth map. Note this is made for online play, so single players don't bother leaving bad reviews ;)

List of changes based on 2 months of game play:

-fixed rome and bzyantine flag colour
-add river beside carthage's iron for faster metal units
-moved copper closer to mali to deal with barbs
-since BtS map script drastically increased number of barbians i deleted a whole bunch from the new world and added 1 city to africa and 2 cities between russia and mongolia
-added copper to southern egypt for 2nd metal source (just in case)
-moved arabia's copper within capital range
-added grassland to east russia and plains to west mongolia
-added dye back to japan
-moved kmher stone and forrested it so first build isnt always great wall

thats i can think of now, I will notify you when i update the map again.
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