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NZ Map for Warlords 2.0 2016-10-05

Version Two of the NZ map.

New Zealand, a country where sheep outnumber people 10 to 1, where the main exports are sheep and clouds (which kinda look like sheep), as well as wood. Expect to find sheep as a resource, if not much else. There are Mountains and rivers and forests a plenty in this rugged land.

Using the map I requested from Strategyonly, I've edited it to better match New Zealand. I've used topographic digital images, riverways, forestry maps, mineral charts, agriculture statistics, and other such things to try and make a fairly accurate New Zealand map.

The Jungles represent native forest, while the forests represent plantations and introduced growth as of now. To create maps representing pre-anybody NZ, essentially all you have to do is cover the entire north island in Jungle.

I've had to add oil to correspond to rather un-economic shale areas - otherwise he who controls Taranaki (the lone mountain on the West coast of the North Island) controls the future. For Iron I also had to take liberties and scatter some along the west coast, though copper is naturally abundant. Though there are a couple of horse breeding regions in the country, to add a bit of balance I tossed a few extra on as well.

I'd like commentary at some point on what to do with it.

Updated as of July 2008 for topographic niceties in the central north island, removal of random floodplains, fixing of broken rivers, and resource trimming and balancing issues (it's still a very resource abundant map though).

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