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Oakstar's Civilization IV:Warlords Civilopedia Tec 2016-10-05

Oakstar's Civilization IV:Warlords Civilopedia Techtree v2.08
This TechTree is VERY large, 7x2 Landscape oriented A4 papers(Approx. 190x40 cm) plus one A4 with Unit Promotion tree.
It is also very detailed, with all detailed info on every Unit, Wonder,
Building etc you get when you Research each tech, all included inside
the relevant Tech-square.
The layout is almost identical to the in-game one to be easier too overview.
It also includes a Leaders, Traits, Promotion and Unit upgrade charts etc at the end.

New in this version:
Updated with 2.08 changes.
Added a few selected Difficulty Effects.
Added missing Warlord Promotions.
Moved all Building/Wonder Obsoletes to Building/Wonder sections inside
tech-squares for easier overview.
Edit: Found a bug after release: Monarch Diffuculty gives AI a starting Worker.
v2.08 - Print Resolution: 600dpi - Landscape orientation - Use Full Photo Page in XP built in Printing Guide.
WARNING: The images takes a lot of memory so I wouldn't recommend printing more than 5 images at a time with 1-2gb Ram.

Cut along the dotted lines, but only on one of the edges that fit together.
Overlap them when aligning the papers to avoid glithes.
Each print shows a bit of the adjacent images so it's easy to align them right.

This is a full image of the Tech-tree but in low resolution for computer viewing.
If you are going to print the tech-tree use the zipped images instead.
I have the Techtree on my wall here and it's printed with a Brother HL-1430 and the smallest fonts are fully readable.
It's great when playing Cooperative LAN to consult and plan strategies with.
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