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Oasis 2016-10-05


  1. Al Capone
    This map is a quite simple one:
    It is a round-shaped island where in the middle there is a relatively large lake that forms, for it causes humidity, an oasis with predominantly jungles, from which the name of the map is derived.
    Everything else on the island is merely desert, which is why it should be the player's aim to settle towards the center as quickly as possibly, not only because it's the only reasonable place to settle in, but also, because all the strategic ressources necessary are located there (Iron, Horses, etcetera), but there are no whatsoever luxury ressources (i.e. fur, dye, etcetera).
    For reasons of corruption, I changed despotism to a civic that has a corruption on a ''communal'' level, which means that it is insignificant however far your cities are from your capitol.
    Enjoy the map!!!