In the spirit of my old creations like Dictator and Eurasian Wars, this is a grand scale WW2 scenario, several years in the making. Containing events and features only possible with Lua programming, Overlords Max features the full complement of units and tech slots made available with TNO's Test of Time Patch Project. As a scenario maker, this is by far my most ambitious scenario since the days of my Dalek Tyranny project. After lots of work, tireless help from Prof Garfield and JPetroski, and with the peerless pixel art of Fairline, this scenario hopefully provide the "one more turn" factor for CIV2 players. Take command of either Soviet Russia, Imperial Japan, the German Reich, the USA, the British Empire, or Republican China, and strive to triumph in the contest for world domination...Requires Test of Time CIV2, and the ToTPP add-on. Development thread:
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