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Pineappledan's Tweaks for VP 36

Sakoku now allows incoming trade routes if you have a TR or an embassy with the other civ.
unassigned TRs GPRate increased from 10% to 15%
Esprit de corps now gives +1 culture and +1 GGeneral or GAdmiral point per stacking attack
fixed japan UA
japan lua fix
removed some integrated additions.
Added UA changes for France & Japan
added the setting that disables XP from 2nd attack in the same turn.
removed skirmisher rework, late game building reworks, power plants, and lodge
disabled China rework (for now)
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Adds Lodge building and policy changes to Tradition and Artistry.

v2.6 compatibility
fixes power plant bug
jungle chop compatibility
adds manchu compatibility (coming soon)
fixed promotion error for UAV
reverted immortal changes
small bug fixes
removed Germany tweaks
moved culture during WLTKD from Brazil to China
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National Park Icon update
slinger art update
china UA tweak
Chariot movement penalty no longer includes Marsh
Archer nerf
Zeppelin vision
National Parks
Late Game Building reworks
Instant tourism on buildings rework
Great Merge compatibility
nerfed songhai
reworked Hwacha
removed production espionage action
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