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PLAN Haizhou Class DDG 2016-10-05

China bought two ex-Russian Sovremenny-class destroyers and ordered two more.

The Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) had two modified Sovremenniy destroyers delivered in December 1999 and November 2000. In 2002, the PLAN ordered two improved versions designated 956-EM. The first vessel was launched in late 2005, while the second is due to launch in 2006. China's acquisition of Sovremenniy class destroyers caused widespread concern among its neighbors in the Asia-Pacific, most especially Taiwan, regarded by Beijing as a renegade province.
On the improved Project 956EM the aft AK-130 main gun was removed. The four AK-630 CIWS were replaced by two sets of Kashtan CIWS short-range air defence gun/missile systems. Each Kashtan system comprises a 3R86E1 command module and two 3R87E combat modules. Each 3R87E combat module has two 30 mm GSh-30k six-barrel automatic guns (range 0.5~4 km) and two SA-N-11 air defence missiles. The missile is armed with a 9 kg warhead and has a range of 1.5~8 km. This improved 956EM version is also the first to be armed with the newer version of SS-N-22, which reported has a designation of 3-M80MBE and possibly funded by China (according to Russian sources), and the new missile differs from the older ones mainly in that the range is increased from 120 km to 200 km. The air defense software is upgraded to accommodate the newer SA-N-12/SA-17 SAM system, but since China had already joined Russia in developing an even newer successor, it is not clear if SA-N-12/SA-17 has entered Chinese service in large numbers.
In 2006, the extra spheres (painted white as the mid-2006) added atop of the superstructures of the Chinese ships appearing in latest photographs of the Chinese units have shown that these Chinese ships had been upgraded with the domestic HN-900 Data link (Chinese equivalent of Link 11A/B, to be upgraded) and SATCOM (probably the SNTI-240).
Project cost: 600 million US$ (mid-1990s price) was the price paid by China for Project 956A (two ships), and 1.5 Billion US$ (early-2000's price) for Project 956EM (two ships).[3]
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