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Planet Generator 0.68 2016-10-05

Planet Generator 0.68

  1. Nercury
    This map generator is capable of producing very unpredictable map shapes, while keeping continent count, separation, size in control and somewhat balanced. And with every version, we are closer and closer to this goal :)

    Version 0.68
    Huge update:
    custom map sizes (up to 256×160),
    mac support (in the same file),
    resource bug fix (still standard resource generator though),
    much more improved generator,
    continent scattering (produces more realistic edges, islands around edges),
    lonely islands in empty ocean area,
    and, of course, many options.

    To see full change log, discuss, suggest, report bugs go to Planet generator Forum Thread

    Installation: extract archive to:
    My Documents -> My Games -> Sid Meier's Civilization 4 -> PublicMaps
    My Documents -> My Games -> Warlords -> PublicMaps
    My Documents -> My Games -> Beyond the Sword -> PublicMaps

    Map options:

    Map size override
    - No override: use standard selection (duel, tiny, huge, etc.)
    - Otherwise use specified size up to 256 x 160. All sizes have aspect ratio of 1.6.

    From one huge Pangaea to 18 continents. If continent distribution is set to "Smart Selection" it will make best choice to make those 18 continents fit even into duel map. However, it is not like archipelago, but if you want something close to that, decrease continent separation to 1 square.

    Size of every continent depends on how many players will be in it.

    Continent separation
    How many water tiles should separate continents. 3 is default. Select 4 for late civilization contact.

    Continent distribution
    New setting. Currently you can:
    - force each continent to have at least one square on equator (if thats not possible, maps size is increased to make them fit)
    - make continents to be aligned in two or three rows
    - make continents to be aligned to center (this is especially cool with 3 - 5 continents)
    - use Smart Selection to make algorithm choose predefined way of distribution for selected amount of continents and map size

    Continent shape
    From "Snaky" which spreads across the map to almost round one.

    Continent scattering (new)
    Controls continent scattering, and coastal line smoothness.
    - 1 (solid, no islands around): this is the same as was default behavior before version 0.50, solid continents
    - 2 - 3 (rare small islands): less round edges, more lakes, maybe some island near continent
    - 2 - 5; 2 - 8; 2 - 12: edge scattering varies - it can be different even for the same continent
    - 4 - 6 (common islands): this option ensures evenly distributed islands around every continent; however, continents can break in several parts.
    - 4 - 10 (many islands): more scattering, continents may often break in two
    - 8 - 15 (archipelago continents): this is option for fun (or pain) - i suggest disabling one -tile islands before starting :)

    Percentage of ocean
    - From 30% to 70%.
    - Minimize ocean size: algorithm tries to grow continents as long as possible.
    If you select very low percentage of ocean, generation time increases dramatically.

    Land near pole ice (new)
    Before, it was always possible to sail around any continent, because continents could not reach pole ice. Now, this can be changed with this option.

    Lonely islands (new)
    Controls how many islands are created in empty ocean space. This option is affected by Ocean percentage: the higher it is, the more space for lonely islands.
    - Use every empty area in ocean: this option means that algorithm will do it's best to fill empty space with islands.
    - One island somewhere: creates one island somewhere, if there is space for it (usually there is, except maybe for duel maps with big islands selected)
    - No islands

    Lonely island size (new)
    Controls size of islands. Size is computed the same way for any map size.
    - Small: useful if there is some resource
    - Medium: for one grown up city
    - Big: varies from 1 to 3 cities

    Allow one tile islands (new)
    When "No" is chosen, all one-tile islands are removed. Select "Yes" if they do not annoy you

    Mountains (peaks)
    Controls peak distribution and grouping. Peaks should not block any terrain sections, except maybe for "extreme" setting.

    Same distribution options as for peaks.

    Climate variation
    Climate is one of the reasons i made this script. No feature on terrain appears randomly, everything is based on temperature, humidity, distance from ocean or river.
    Climate variation controls how different climate is near poles from equator.

    It controls amount of forests, jungles, and flood plains.

    Equator temperature.
    - If you want almost same climate for all map, select such temperature for equator and set climate variation to "soft".
    - It is possible to generate very cold map, which would be real challenge to play :). Well, if you want to try that, increase amount of flood plains, that should help :)

    Flood plains
    Controls amount and distribution of flood plains. Now there is "standard" setting, which is meant to make flood plains like in standard generators. If you notice something wrong with it now, please tell me that.
    There are additional flood plain modes with more of them on snow, desert and tundra, or near oceans.

Recent Reviews

  1. poiut
    Version: 2016-10-05
    Absolutly brilliant!
  2. bogdanmartin
    Version: 2016-10-05
    Yeah, very good script. We are 4 friends who play at night, and needed a flexible and FAIR map generator. This one is the nicest. Thank you!
  3. mourndraken
    Version: 2016-10-05
    love this script. good work.
  4. Nercury
    Version: 2016-10-05
  5. aender
    Version: 2016-10-05
    this works wit BtS
  6. jdchambe
    Version: 2016-10-05
    the script doesn't work at all. none of the options listed in the description appear as options when the script is selected in the custom game dialog. The only options that appear are size, climate, water level, era, and game speed.