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Polynesia Civilization 2016-10-05

Polynesia Civilization

  1. TheLastOne36
    VERSION 1.0 for BTS 3.19

    I have made a Polynesia civilization for my mod, and decided to share it.

    ==== Leaders ====

    ==== Kamehameha the Great ====
    ==== Aggresive ====
    ==== Expansive ====

    ==== Salamansina ====
    ==== Creative ====
    ==== Organized ====

    ==== Unique Unit ====
    ==== Koa ====

    Koa replaces Swordsman. It is resource free and comes with free promotion shock.

    ==== Unique Building ====
    ==== Fishery ====

    Fishery replaces Lighthouse. It gives 1+ Health and 1+ food.

    ====== CREDITS =======

    CIV GOLD Team: Used there's as a base, and kept their Fishery. Just played around with the XML a bit and added Koa.
    CivFusion: Used their Koa Graphics.
    Varietas Delectat(avain): Their Koa gave me the idea.

    Thanks big time to all 3 mods and their teams. They have helped me so much with modding new civilizations and leaders to my game.
    (And i've stolen quite a bit of stuff from them to. =P )


    Create a folder in CIV4/Beyond the Sword/Mods/ called "Polynesia Civ" Or whatever you wish. Than copy and paste all the contents of this ZIP into that folder. Have Fun. :)