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Psion 2016-10-05


  1. Lord Tirian
    Psions are people with a psionic gift who honed their psychic abilities to a level where they could use their very thoughts as a telepathic weapon. Nothing but a strong will and distance can protect one from a Psion, making armour and weapons almost irrelevant to them.

    Made for the Planetfall mod, base model was SeZereth's Elohim Adept (Fall from Heaven II).

    The model has 615 polys and team-colour and uses the included animations.

    --- Credits ---
    Model and texture by SeZereth (modified and team-coloured by Lord Tirian
    Animations (based on Firaxis' Incan Quecha) by Lord Tirian


    1. psion1_7O8.jpg
    2. psion2_Lt3.jpg