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[Python/XML] Forbidden Palace 2016-10-05

[Python/XML] Forbidden Palace

  1. GIR
    Here is a little Demo Mod for the Forbidden Palace wonder movie.

    This XML/Python Mod Component adds a wonder movie for the Forbidden Palace (National Wonder):
    (due to my bad internet connection you will get this mod in two parts, sorry :sad:)

    To use this mod you have to download the ForbiddenPalace Mod AND the wonder movie.

    - To download the Mod use this link: ForbiddenPalace Mod
    - To download the Movie use this link: Forbidden Palace Wonder Movie

    After you downloaded the movie file you have to copy the forbiddenpalace.bik into your ForbiddenPalace/Assets/Art/Movies/Wonders/ folder.
    Now you can load the mod and after you build the Forbidden Palace you will see the wonder movie.

    Have Fun!