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Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands 2016-10-05

Queen Wilhelmina was the first Dutch queen to reign without a king at her side. She is considered one of the most powerful monarchs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands since the 1848 constitution, and was respected and loved around the world. Now she can be in your game too as a second Dutch leader.

Her traits are Protective and Charismatic, these based upon how she acted during the Second World War against the Germans and how she supported her suppressed subjects via Radio Oranje from London.

Read up in the forum about modular mods if you wish to know more on how to activate it.

Place the contents in that of another mod. If you do not wish to load a mod, place the contents into your CustomAssets folder.

Have fun!

Credits: the credits for the leaderhead goes to esnaz, and credits go to me for the XML work. Credit also goes to Firaxis for creating the base model.

UPDATE 1: Fixed some miscellaneous stuff, and fixed the button to regular proportions. It is still in Blue Marble alpha style, but of a regular size :)

UPDATE 2: Added better compliance with perplexus' Plug & Play project.
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